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You remember Winnie Coopers real name? Isn't it? Isn't she Marilyn Manson? Yes. That's correct. Danika? That's right. Dan trick down Janika Patrick's the racecar driver mckellar. That's correct. And isn't she also like like blossom isn't she also like a physicist or something? Now, she went on into the science world published mathematician. There was a there was like some sort of new story better if you years ago where she like published. She published a theorem pre approved a theorem. Yeah. She's got like some weird like academia level status. I mean, she's the most masturbated to professor of all time probably well shit. I've got Cooper. Well. I mean, I'm sure a lot of kids did in the early nineties. I'm sure I'm sure they did as long as you don't keep the sock in the hamper app. As long as you take your Jisr can lay it out on the drying over toilet paper. I never used cloth smart series with water grows. Mold Jisr grows human the baby. Leave the drier open. Schmil? No, that's the new my child. What what's? Would that my job? Is there anybody that? You can't forget I think I said it on one of the episode of your pod. My dad one times my dad's big thing was a giant New York Giants coach one time yelled at one of his receivers for over celebrating a touchdown and act like you've been there before. Yeah. And that's sort of like a solid piece of advice. Don't be cocky, but act like this isn't your first time at of open bar. Yeah. Act. Like, this isn't your first time at like some cool swanky party in it doesn't mean like don't enjoy yourself. But just play cool Hajjah my dad's big thing too was like Giannis eve Halloween. These amateur night. Everyone's out there potty, and they're amateurs, you gotta be careful on the road. You gotta be careful these bars parties everyone's an amateur partier because I was just a kid was out drinking every weekend. Alcoholics or like, we had that in common. And he was but it was be like it's amateur night out there. Saint Patty's day amateur night people are getting fucked up that are normally getting fucked up, and you just gotta be be aware of that. As just another Tuesday for all these kids like Santa I'm dressed as Santa smashing Guinness's all week long all year this fuck into this was even. Professional Santa contract. Another. This is not. Real advice. But like this is something I've gotten to doing is like, hey, Siri remind me to blank blank blank blank like especially if I'm just home getting stoned a McKay Syrian twenty minutes. Remind me that to flip my laundry. Hey Siri in twenty minutes. Remind me to go do and it's just like the most minor..

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