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Marquez mr woody. Moldy jackson is here. Hey markets boards you shoutout to dawn. Smith hagedorn good more in in the godfather sola tracy raising the birth. What's up tracy. Abe is the nieces. Hey avis wanted to you tiffany thompson. Hey girl good morning kathy. Mccord is here. Hey kathy good morning to you. How are you this morning. Rush right bridget. Richardson is here. Hey bridget good morning outlets okay earl collins. It's in the building earl. Welcome back thank you for coming back. There's a few of you out there. Yeah was over in a bernice. Bernice bernice in earls boys a few tracey. My name is bobby. it's denise. Today name was bobby to denise. No he never. He said my mother's name me bobby earlier though i said no is the niece. Call me denise today. Let's keith earl you and bernice bernice to have a baby. Keep those names going into wind. Droves teddy does it is in the building. I don't know if i pronounced that right. But if you care to call into that. We know physically to wide rose to watchos to what to watchos teddy teddy dozen. He says star when he came on because pitcher was allegations. God bless you come out now. We need you in the room every day like the name. Yeah i think he was pretty new if he knew somebody. I don't know maybe they changed the name of i have no but thank you for the stars and you tune in if you are new welcome to the show. We appreciate you watching employee share if you are not new. Welcome back. hey hey. Hey family. Darren taylor is here. Hey darren good more in the food. Erectile braille house said noah bernie says. Well wow a lot of berlin outlier four. The more ready and ken black is here. Hey ken good morning to you. Tiffany close ick is in the bill. Hey tiffany good morning muscle shutout to kenny winning. Hey kenny good morning to you Star vern i believe her name was Is in the building. Hey girl she knew. She was new in your. Please welcome godless. I'm sorry i keep repeating myself. I don't even know what's going on the same thing. Just keep more and we appreciate you keep one. Oh cindy said that's Too wide rows is her friend from high school. Oh he called them before sending okay so he called him before. Okay well worth tuning in letting us know. Shayla hall is here. Good morning sheila. How are you this morning. And last but not least. Our man should nine. Hey check his power wolf nation. Good morning richard. God bless my good friend richard. Well listen everyone. Thank you so much for tuning in. We really appreciate you guys. If you don't mind Please share what we do here. Each and every day This is the only place where you get. Your morning started right. You get the love that you need for the day. Monday to friday. And you get your gilead clean if you don't know what that is and your new listener. A gilead is an imaginary organ that sits below your stomach. And above your rectum. Where you store your hate We hear the show have more show featured essential workers we will clean gillet for you can put some stars in there and you feel good at the end of the show in which day because i have ref rescued you from nat domain of that horrible cesspool of fm radio. That you've been enslaved to listen to all these years. now you have been. Lifted from bondage. I am your moses. i read you. I've had free. Joe reaches charm. Had free you from your bis. Have free from your confusion and you had. No place else was going to a destination. That shouldn't understand we was. I freed you. You are now involved with these new listeners. God bless you. You are now involved a loving community. That's going to show you so much. Love the love that you don't even receive from your husband or your wife or your girlfriend that dog and the kids. You have welcome to the morning buzz. Welcome to their front page news day. Welcome with seven sports. And all that were barbie cologne. What house of harvey you will become. Blessed less getting your morning started right. Oh and thank you so much now. Yeah this gonna going to manas. Barbie film We'll do a little sports. Oh prescription ask you so. I don't know if he was here yesterday. But eric king loaded bit of it when he invited us to some nick games and invited us a whole lot of things and he actually called me yesterday and he says sean like this is real. Got everything for you. So you and myself and cine will be going to a new york. Knick game okay and then we're gonna go down to philly. We're going to meet him down until you've got four buses. And i think that's why i came in when he was going to go down. Silly silly thanks. Eric king and guys if you wanna come with me bobby. Let's let's do some a- atlantic city of twenty nine twenty nine thirty july. we're going back down there for the weekend. If you can't make costa rica win alexi go from page news. Alot.

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