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A nonprofit called first draft first raft turns out was set up by google the parent company alphabet run by eric schmitt who happen to be a huge hillary clinton supporter she says that he offered himself up with a campaign adviser became a top multimillion dollar donor his company funded first draft around the start of the election cycle not surprisingly said atkinson purity was soon to jump aboard the anti fake news train and surrogate david brock of media mad privately told donors he was the one who convinced facebook to join the effort close quote here is what gerald atkinson says it wasn't until two thousand sixteen but the actual phrased fake news was introduced to the american public on a national scale liberals were first the heavily promote use the phrase referring to conservative this information and right wing websites so if fake news by other names has always been around why does it suddenly become the stuff of daily headlines during the two thousand sixteen campaign i did a little digging and i traced the effort to a nonprofit called first draft which appears to be about the first to use the phrase fake news that its batard context on september thirteen th two thousand sixteen first draft announced a partnership to tackle malicious hoaxes isn't fake news reports the goal was supposedly the separate wheat from chaff to prevent unproven conspiracy taught from figuring prominently an internet searches to relegate today's version of the aliev baby story to a special internet oblivion exactly one month later president obama's shine did he had sisters in a speech that he too thought somebody knew that this step in an suri information at this wild wild west bdn firemen nobody on the public have been clamoring for any such thing get suddenly the topic of fake news dominates headlines on a daily basis it's as if the media have been given his marching orders we connecting thoughts i find it also helps to follow the money i wanted to know who was funding the nonprofit first fraph and has anti fake news effort i found the answer it was google google's parent company alphabet was run by a man named eric schnitt eric schmitt as it happens had devoted himself the hillary clinton's election campaign offered himself up as a campaign adviser at became a top bolton no the dollar donor to.

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