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Opening april fourteenth twenty first and twenty eight visit f o l a r dot org for more info to sign up this episode is john cena who was the best dude i mean he was so nice he came in in the middle of a busy press day look great was in a great suit and just was overall super cool and again i the more wrestlers i meet the more and more respect i have for for these guys in the wwe and the wrestlers i mean it's i've i've i've been privileged to talk to so many great dudes who are wrestlers and it really it makes me happy and john seen this episode this episode will warm your damn heart and if it doesn't then maybe you just don't have a heart my friend maybe you need to stick something in there like a ticking clock or something or put a cow heart in there i don't know but john cena is in the movie blockers which is really funny by the way he's in it leslie man is great in it barron holds is great in it all the young women who play the high school kids who create a virginity loss packed for prom are all fantastic as well super funny comes out april sixth go support comedy movies in the theaters and also support johnson because he's a good guy unless you're a wrestling fan you're like well no it's fun to not like john senile like someone else.

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