Dean Heller, Mcconnell, Las Vegas discussed on Pod Save America - Turd in the GOP punchbowl.


And so the question is who does that um you know dean heller voted no one a motion to proceed on the last version of the bill so someone just as dean heller this morning as he wouldn't volinja mcconnell are you undecided are you still undecided on on whether you're gonna vote from ocean to proceed he said yes i'm still undecided i have heard the dean heller is getting tremendous tremendous pressure from one steve wynn fucking casino magnet in las vegas who runs the win hotels and his basically making all kinds of threats to dean heller these gonna you know put money into a primary opponent and all that kind of stuff so dean heller is now caught between his own republican governor who's about twenty points more popular than he is governor sand of all who hates this bill in his against it and steve win the casino magnate who you know will could could bury him in all kinds of a campaign donations to an opponent so that's where dean heller is right now and you have to think about dean heller calculus right because he might be at the point where he's thinking fuck i'm damned if i do damned if i don't i'm going to lose and 2018 either because i have some republican primary opponent that trump and win sick after me or um a democrat is going to beat me and if that's the case then he's got nothing to lose and you have to figure out like you know does he vote against this bill because he thinks it's the right thing to do does he vote for it because then maybe trump makes him an ambassador somewhere like would as dean heller do um but we should also point out that murkowski is also very upset with this uh with the fact that there is no changes to medicaid uh she's voiced some real concerned about this bill so she's possibly gettable is a no and i guess capito and uh maybe portman outta there might be a few others out there but you know it's getting down to it.

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