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One is everyone knows because there is no fact out there that everyone knows. There's no opinion out there that everyone shares so There's no such thing The other one to avoid is all I know is Because you sound stupid. All I know is it means I know I've refused to listen to anything further. Regardless of whether or not it might change my mind. All I know is, don't say that. Don't don't Don't. No, I didn't vote for Hillary. There's somebody wants to know I voted libertarian. Um Scott in Fairfield at a point to make Scott what's up? Well, I agree with this on Trump number one number two. The left side would start working with him. Our country would be the best that I could ever be. Number one number two. If they're so anal about Want to see his tax returns and everyone, congressmen and senators needs to show their that we really see what the swamp looks like because They go in average income. They all come out. Multi millionaires and their kids like biting son comes out with How much money from whole differ China wherever, But if people would really come together and make all the senators and congressmen, but if you have a reason to challenge somebody, somebody's Under handedness. You know financially in Congress, you'll see their taxes like that that can be done. I want saying is they hide so much stuff. They make all the laws to protect ourselves. They play the stock market before anybody else does What's going on? That's all I know is when they do they get busted for that. We've just had three members of Congress last year. Questioned on that quizzed on that as to whether or not they were handling their money, or somebody else was handling their money. No, that's that's That part's absolutely watch. Now. I like most of Trump's policies. I just can't stand the man. I got to get to a break. I'll thank you. 8 26 bangle stuff. This's Zach Taylor report brought to you in part by.

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