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The Braves got better with Yasiel Puig? Absolutely. Absolutely I do. I don't know what that translates into how many more wins and we talked about the two statistical analysis website that are kind of like the two that are most frequently used things like that. No, they got the Braves. Basically, when you look at both of those, both of those projections around 32 28 How many more wins is Yasiel Puig worth one too? But I still think the Braves are the second best team in actually. Yeah, I know. The Washington Nationals won the World Series last year. I know the Phillies still have that loaded, You know, team that they thought I was gonna do really well last year and Yeah, there's some other teams out there. The Cubs were still in the mix. You know, Cardinals when they lost the Zune, and they really haven't done any replacing, as reading are cold. I think was the post dispatch it by Well, the Cardinal's weren't interested in Yasiel Puig. Anyway. They were never going to bring him in because you don't do things the cardinal way. What's the cardinal way? By the way with anyway? I love what we perpetrate these myths and stuff like that from days gone by, or whatever like that. So did the Braves get better? Yes, at the end of the day. That's what counts. The most is. Did my team get better today than it was yesterday? Because that's the number one job of your GM is. Make your team better tomorrow than it was today. I think the Braves did that. But I don't think that this means that the Braves have necessarily closed the gap. On the Dodgers, and, frankly, in my mind, that's the on ly other team in the National League that you could tell me that I feel like is legitimately better. I don't think that the Washington Nationals are better. Yes, they won the World Series. That doesn't mean that they're a better team per se. I got hot at the right time. They benefited from some of the worst managing in the history of the postseason. They benefited from the second worst defensive play in the history of the postseason. Has some things that went their way. Sometimes to get that ultimate prize. You have to have some things go your way. Sometimes it's not just about what you do sometimes is about what the other guy doesn't do. Hey. And and and when you make the second worst defensive play I've seen in 48 years on this earth in a playoff baseball game, or you watch a manager that in all honesty with that level of talent. I I asked the question. Why would that guy still be here? Why would why would Roberts still be the manager of the Los Angeles Dodgers? After how piss poor he managed that group in the playoffs last year? Against the Nationals. No less was dreadful. His managing was dreadful in that series. He handles bullpen away, handle Kershaw. All those guys.

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