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You know i think it's just i was always told us get to by my parents explore what i like to do and and to do what i love and hockey was on that i love so i pursued it and writings on that i loved also so i didn't think of it as you know nobody's my family's written anything before i'm not going to go right i just thought of it as you know this is something that i love to do this is a passion of mine and i'm going to do it because i love it and like you said yours is comedy in and cooking in and mine is writing in and playing hockey last question before i let you go stanley cup finals how are you feeling what are your feelings about las vegas oh man you know what i i was reading them off all year we played them in the beginning of the year and you know they surprised us they surprising they surprised everybody in the league and and they're a really good team we beat them once and shoot out and then they beat us they've really badly when we went to use and i can't can't them anymore i think that they've got the right mojo there rolling they're fast they're hard to play against and they're really team as a guy who writes stories that's why i ask it's it's like a story book will not finish it's not finished yet but it's it's it's right out of the stories of people are talking about how there there might be a movie made about this team one day regardless of what happens during these finals yeah this is this is stuff that writers raiders dream voted happens in real life so it's pretty pretty surreal and but it's i mean you're seeing it in front so you can believe it for sure zach your favorite of your coach mike babcock speaks very highly of you your hometown favorite and and you're becoming a favourite of children who loved to read everywhere keep on keeping on brother appreciate thanks thanks thank you zach hyman forward for the toronto maple leafs who also writes children's books his latest the magician secret is out now.

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