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Center in a nice hotel and using the peers of bridge to that. And then ultimately, you turn down the pier and building their own bridge and all these concepts from surrounding in the nineteen sixties and early nineteen. And seventy s until the community rallied and put a stop to it all the city city had planned to tear down here in the community said, no. And then. In one thousand nine hundred three storms wiped out the West End of the pier which seemed like a tragedy at the time. But what it did was create a clean slate for the city and the community to figure out what are we going to do with this fear that we love so much the community landmark it? Now. What can we do to really make it a very special place that everybody can enjoy it will become viable and the concept of the amusement park returned to make of family friendly park was built actually finished building appear in the early nineteen nineties nineteen Ninety-six Pacific park open, and it changed. Everything the visitor. Ship was a much more family friendly. It was open to all. And it was comfortable safe and people could come enjoy a nice afternoon on the pier. Not not worrying about the old CD here that was and had become an neglected to become the to enjoy this new place was vibrant and full of color, comfortable and safe. To be at a mess appear that we get to enjoy today. We're sending out at the end of the Santa, Monica pier. As far as you can go without going for a swim. At one point. This was considered the end point of route sixty six the mother road. That's because this was as far as you can drive back in the day. It's not the official end of route sixty six, but it is the end of the journey that most people finished. As they were driving route sixty six very special place. The pier is a little more than a quarter of a mile. So you're getting you're getting your steps in when you take a lot to the end of the pier and bag you're getting a good half mile walk just just to the end and back. And so it's good exercise uneven uneven surface aunts old this old old rickety wooden boards that you're walking on the really add to the experience and help you help put it into a sense of place and people have been walking on these boards over one hundred years. Since the book was published. I've learned so much more about the peer people have told me.

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