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You just have to hear the results about the prelims and they realize that you know people in the events as people who wanna see those those main those are prelims fights because learn who's coming up so when they started doing these premium fights. You know what i mean. You've got to pick up talent you have to. You could showcase those guys on the prelims right. And that's what became the thing. Now you see a lot of people on the prelims you see main event guys now on show up sometimes on the freelance up and coming talent and man do they shine talents. They shine shine. Gone come up by the junior nez. he's out of texas. He's gonna be fine a kid by the name of Oh my god. How i forget his name randy kosta. They go on cost. They're gonna probably be on the houston card coming up soon but Yanez was a guy who was on the premium card shut showed up on the fight night. Name cards kid k. On people left and right they call them the bantamweight muhima hospital. We kind of looked like when the hair but that move he is smooth with his striking and ran dacosta to really clean what they're striking They're gonna fight soon so the under lookout for that. These prelims here for for later on our to sixty four hall jujitsu savage. But you couldn't tell but when you look at this man this man looks like he just you know he'll serve you. Get your drink at starbucks. A in just a plain old kid. He looked like he worked for geek squad but handle in him if he was handling if you met him and you said hey. We're going with you and you say five minutes. Let's see how many holds. It could get one another. He's probably tapping you all seven times out of those five minutes or more. Yeah he's finding a guy by the name of ealier who's out of. I think if i remember correctly i think he's out of georgia. Which the european country. If i remember correctly Nasty submission artist as wall. But he's improved. What is striking and a lot of people have is on that because it could be a ju jitsu a ju jitsu world win or it can end up being somebody get knocked out. It's a lot of people. Have their eyes on as far as tree. Limb fights go people who also want to tune into the prelims nico prices fighting mitchell. All you gotta do is youtube either name. highlights galore. I mean nico price. Literally knocked out a man using his foot and hammerfest. This guy's jaw was lined up with his foot and he used hammerfest against his foot with the guys had this. This is this is this is. Hey and andy hammerfest fisted. This man it's unconsciousness. Wow this man headed kicked them in asleep. This is not forgetting being up and making comeback wins and you're going up against a guy who knows how to fly jump off a cage. Do all types of crazy stuff but we learned in a fight a little while back that when he's serious he is dangerous against him and he's big for one seventy guy. Both of these guys are pretty big. But he's big. He could be easily middleweight. but he's fighting at featherweight. Wow yeah Let me see if i can direct someone you guys into some other sites that are going to be i catches for you. I'm predicting also jack is do. Placebo versus seven. Giles middleweight to be a banger on..

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