Roblems Rothlisberger, Foxborough, Blake discussed on The Stephen A. Smith Show


I really am not i know they're big top the number two way defensively league jailer ramsey is no joke delays table is no joke mellick jackson is no joke tell smith returned to touch down radio offer fumble sackful of our big where robin brooke mouth jack had an interception against roblems rothlisberger last week barry churches are former cowboy and i'm still sitting here praising him that's how big tom the jacksonville jaguars defense is very church of former cowboy is on this roster and i'm not accusing them of contamination that's how big tom jacksonville's defense aides so i got news for you make no mistake about it big things on the way jack nabil deep going to be here for a little while but am i supposed to believe they're blake borders is going to be tom brady i don't believe it because i don't believe the pages going to let linda four not beat him i know he's going to penetrate the launch scrimmage is going to come down a mccourty and chang and old boy that whether or not they can tackle chung rather iin the stain i get it but i believe they will get they'll pull it off and i believe the new england patriots going to do everything necessary in everything within their power to ensure that blake borders is gonna have to be the one who beats them if they're gonna miss out on getting to the super bowl in foxborough no less i believe that's what's going to happen and i don't believe it will invite a way aj bui i mean listen he's gonna have a better week this week as he ain't going against antonio brown because we know what we saw what antonio brown did some last week.

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