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Before the break. We heard from our senior personal tech columnist. Joanna Stern and our audience about some tips and tricks for using video conferencing platforms but there have been some security challenges that have come to light recently using these platforms which is especially concerning given how much we are using them right now. Everything from zoom to facetime a- as part of our daily lives are new personal tech columnist. Nicola has been looking into this and joins us now. Hey Nicole hello alright. So Joanna mentioned something called Zoom bombing. Can you tell us about that? Yes zoom bombers video chat crashers that disrupt zoom chats with things like expletives or pornographic images and. It's a huge problem presume but there is a way to avoid all of that which is what. Which is. I always require a password for your meeting. So that randoms can't just jump into any zoom meeting that you host. The second is to turn on a feature called waiting room that requires attendees to be admitted by a host. You can also turn off screen sharing capabilities for for people in your room so that people can trust you know share whatever images that are on their screen and only you can present and the last tip is to lock the room when you know that everyone in the is in the meeting which prevents other people from joining that meeting if it is indeed a public link is this zoom specific problem to other video conferencing platforms have similar issues right now. Let's zoom specific issue. I think for two reasons one. Is that zooms. Popularity IS SURGING. Now that everyone is sheltering in place and so it's just getting more attention and more scrutiny. And it's where people are so it's where hackers and intruders are And the second is that zoom allows anyone to join zoom meeting. Including if you don't have zoom account or if you're hosting a meeting and a lot of people are hosting these sort of like live seminars or at a bookstore there live streaming a talk with an author that anyone can join and because those links are publicized on facebook or twitter. They're more visible. Gotcha so this is really. Is this mostly problem for those public? Ling's I'm thinking about you know. For example we do a lot of Zoom. Meetings at work is something that people are worried about. Not just in kind of this Disruptive manner but also other kind of privacy concerns. That could go along with that so right now. The zoom bombing is mostly affecting public events. But it also is affecting some private events because there's a feature in zoom called personal meeting. Id and everyone has this nine. Digit number and into one continuous long meeting. So if a hacker gets a hold of your personal meeting. Id for whatever reason they could be just guessing that personal id then they can jump into any one of your meetings at any time which is why requiring a password and using some you know another feature called General Meeting instead of using your personal. Id which creates a new number for each meeting that you create is preferable. Gotcha that makes a lot of sense. We also have been hearing reports that that the zoom APP was potentially sending data to facebook. Is that true? It was true zoom with sending information through. Its face log in with facebook capability which allowed you to log into your facebook account. It was sending information like you know a user's device it's mobile operating system your Ip address which can reveal your location and also other information about users who don't even have zoom account through this same. Facebook integration zoom has said that it didn't mean to and has removed the integration and in its latest IOS APP update removed that Facebook S. T. K. So if you are on your iphone and you use him on your iphone update it to the latest version of zoom excellent. Okay and are there any? I mean like you said Zoom is the one. That's most prevalent right now but I know there are lots of other video conferencing tools out there. Are there any others that are similarly affected or others that are even that are better to use and do they have similar protections yet? The APPS that are encrypted are facetime WHATSAPP signal and those have videotaped video chatting capabilities. But they're not really designed for work so they're they're more for for for casual conversation. Facetime can support up to thirty two people on one call signal is just one on one. What I believe is up to five and Google also has this new product called duo that's encrypted and can support up to eight people and that's a really good option for people who who don't want intruders in in their meetings. Okay our personal dot com this Nicole. No end thank you so much thank you. Don't forget to share your work from home tech tips with us or your questions. If you have things going into Monday that you want to know Joanna Stern our senior personal tacoma's we'll be answering those questions next week as well. You can call and leave a voice message at the number that we're leaving in the description or you can write to her at Joanna dot stern at WJ DOT COM tech. News briefing is produced by the amazing. Amanda Llewellyn production assistance. This Week came from Taylor Nakagawa and of course to Aniston Stern as our guest. I'm your host Terry Yokum from all of us at the Wall Street Journal have a great weekend. Stay safe and thanks for listening..

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