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Dreaming of speech helen took lessons with sarah fuller principle of the horace mann school for the deaf in boston helen used her fingers to monitor how person's lips moved when they made certain sounds still it was slow going and only anion sarah could understand what she was saying ultimately this was one of the great disappointments of helen keller's life she never acquired normal speech she was able to be understood by only her closest aides but not by everyone and other blow came in eighteen ninety six when helen keller father arthur died in their nine years together annie sullivan had noticed that helen seemed detached from other people but when she told helen of arthur's death she realized she had misjudged helen because her grief was profound helen wanted to return alabama for the funeral but her mother forbade it perhaps kate keller felt she would be unable to handle helen as she dealt with her own difficulties in eighteen ninety six the year her father died helen keller began attending the cambridge school for young ladies helen was now sixteen years old and this was the first time she had gone to school with hearing cited girls her own age years later she would write that it had been a great experience to quote join them in so many of their games even blind man's bluff and frolics in the snow and quote however since few people at the school knew the manual finger language she was ice elated and as dependent on anti salvan as ever helen also continued to meet famous and influential people one was the writer mark twain who was very impressed with her how impressed twain once said quote helen keller is fellow to caesar alexander napoleon homer shakespeare and the rest of the immortals she will be as famous thousand years from now as she is today in fact.

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