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He did, but he was just asked this again, and this went like Brian Little viral on Twitter Vero. If you ask him what is favor movie is he gives the craziest MOS Longwood. Movies and cinema is great. And yeah, and he uses to say he's a politician and he's never seen a movie. See, that's the thing. I think he's trying to convince you that he's seen every movie, but I, but I don't know if that's the, he's either every movie or he's never seen a movie. He's seen every movie. They show him every movie in some private theater all day three day. Silver screen cinema, I love it. I love it. Thinking ever do TV. No, I don't think he will prestige limited. No. 'cause like who? So it would be a movie star movies. Yeah. Like, I think he's one of the few people left. I wouldn't disagree with them. The old guard that would say like TV devalue what I do. Yeah, because the thing is too. Broadcast is video game playing on twitch. That'd be great guy. Love him. Just talking about video games. He'd never gets around the plane. Oh, what's my favorite video Game? Boy. There's so many of you play like Donkey Kong Country on twitch. You can play anything on Twitter. Maybe I'll start that. Doing Donkey Kong Country playthrough. Yeah, people like older games. People do. Speed runs wanna, do slow and steady. That's how you speed, demon speed, demon. Yeah, I don't like reading about his financial deals for these movies, sue where like Michigan possible heat is just pay. Doing it for the love of the game. No love the median screen mission impossible to. He didn't take any up front money, but he negotiated thirty percent of gross ticket sales see me seventy five million dollars on that movie. And that was the second mission impossible like this most recent one he's gotta make so much more. So I think actually for like no other reason than that, he won't do TV because it's like, why would I do TV? I can do one of these mission impossible movies and make a hundred million dollars and almost killed not all that the money for eight. You know what? It might not be all about the money, but it's all about pleasing fans. Maybe some people just want meals made for them. Their spouses staff Huhne's. Yes, I was. I wanna give one more two more weird things one he he was in seminary school to be appreciate fourteen and then left. Why lady in their fourteen bear the to be dang altar boy because they're like, oh, we got one wants gotta live on second one. He refuses to licenses likeness for action figures or video games. That's a weird one because especially like a guy that's making money, I think you said he doesn't need that money seem being like, you know what? Give me half of the Michigan possible toy. And yeah, you can use me. It doesn't want somebody. I guess you do a lot of stuff that. Video games. That's true. Sifford Zeno. No, not seen you Tom Cruise year. Nee? Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Damn what a man? Yeah. Let a guy from..

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