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Some energy source where where you could go into this these rooms underneath the rock, and he'd be rejuvenated. And and a lot of this information that he got he supposedly gone from being from a Vanu Sheehan being from bean ass-, whether there's life, they're not wouldn't say, but so he was developed developing that and making a some machinery that was supposed to be the rejuvenating and make people younger and communicate with alien species whatever and as he was doing that he died just before he got that finish. So it was it was all lost. I guess, but but his son is are his nephew is nephews had me Doc about. in about his continuing this believe he has a movie project out as putting together if has not been released already, I do not. So the giant rock has rejuvenation powers and his not from this earth sort of thing. Well, it's been there forever. It's it's been there for eons because it goes back even a couple thousand years where natives would actually meet their they do ceremonies there. And that would be like a source of energy. And they believe that it was like a doorway two dimensions inch mother other dimensions. So it it goes way back as far as like the natives, and and then even like from the fifties up into the seventies. I believe every year they'd have a UFO convention there. And a lot of contact tease or abductees would go there, and they'd have days of of spiritual weakening again, the whole concept behind the pyramids as well. What they say. Yeah. Kind of same type of an idea that. Just one big battery of enter powder. Veggies accurate kind of put their unbeknownst to us. How can even be there in the first place? Right. When you talked about having your podcast for five and a half years down about some of like, some of the best guests that you've had some of the strangest stories that you've heard oh gosh. Where do we start? I've had her on before when we had Andrea apparent. Did you have like technical difficulties when she was on your show? I did not tell me what you have to say. When he first came on. She warned us because Patrick and she by the way is is one of the family that's in the conjuring one of the actual daughters. Children at the time. The people that live the conjuring that then became this Hollywood in the book trilogy out house of darkness house of light. Check it out Jerry theories. But when we had her on she warned us right away because Patrick was at his house. I was at mine, and she was wherever she was at at the time and she warned us right away. Sometimes the powers that be. They just don't want me to speak in. There happens to be problem. And never before had Patrick, and I ever experienced any kind of difficulties when interviewing somebody via Skype. There was never any problems. But the second we push that record button. All of a sudden Patrick's gun we can't hear Patrick. He can hear us because he was texting me letting me know, I'm all starstruck. I'm sweating bullets. I can't take this. I'm talking to mile a minute kind of like I am right now, but just in and out constantly with her. And after about what was about a half an hour. Patrick finally came back in we could hear him again. And then everything went smoothly from there on. It wasn't wasn't even necessarily an issue with connection with Skype because of that can happen to anybody anywhere up. Literally my equipment all stopped working my router the mixer record. Nothing was there like what is going on? This was kind of odd. And then I finally came back and she's like, hey, finally. Hi, patrick. This is Andrea. Ranking when I had I went to her house in Winterpark, Orlando area winter haven Winterpark, and, you know, talk to her she's really nice and cool lady..

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