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New concerns Emerging over growing cases of Covid 19 is Delta variant. Hospitalizations are on the rise in states where vaccination rates are lagging. This is like Arizona, Arkansas, Nevada, and some large gatherings are still off over fears of spreading the virus, the virus still turning the world of sports upside doubt. This time the college World Series North Carolina state season was cut short due to Covid 19 Protocols. The N C. Double A says that the decision was made based on recommendations from the championships medical team and the local county health departments, saying they couldn't add any more details for privacy issues. ABC Zelin Lopez, who is the C D C headquarters there in Atlanta. Investigators in Albuquerque, New Mexico, trying to determine how this higher balloon struck power lines and then fell to the ground, killing all five on board, including the pilot, officials say. Residents near the crash site rushed to the scene. They tried and put out the fire and save lives. Disease. Zuri In Shaw, eyewitness Josh Perez says the gondola hit a power line catching fire hitting the roadway. All the victims are from central New Mexico. Including 59 year old Martin Martinez, a former Albuquerque police officer and his 62 year old wife, Mary Martinez, the NTSB now joining the FAA and local officials to piece together how this happened. The death toll now stands at five at the sight of that collapsed beachfront high rise in Surfside, Florida, But that's certain to rise with more than 150. People still unaccounted for search crews working around the clock in hopes of finding survivors in that rubble. Surfside Mayor Charles Burkett was on ABC's this week this morning and told host Jonathan Karl after the rescue effort has concluded there will be a comprehensive investigation into how something like this. Happened in the first place. There was something obviously very,.

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