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Cancer patients and other conditions that's komo's mary nam reporting there komo news time seven forty to sports desk we go i the mariners open a four game series in baltimore with a five to three victory over the orioles in under appreciated washington husky football star get some welldeserved national attention komo's bill swartz is talking dawgs phil steele's popular end a thorough tated two thousand eighteen college football preview is due out on newsstands tuesday on the cover four of the best players in the country including washington husky recordsetting runner miles gaskin he's now the old man among the u dub bulk carriers but i mean it's always been a family in nassau the big brother oh but i think we just have a lot of fun and i mean i learned from savant john kamara just as much as i learned for me gaskin says he has something to prove after hearing he would only be a mid to low round nfl draft pick graduate to school his long for no reason so that i thought i was better than what people were projecting the absolutely honest i mean come back one way airtime john prove that miles gaskin and the huskies already in summer conditioning work mode with an eye on the two thousand eighteen season opener september first against auburn in atlanta bill swartz talking dawgs on the home of the huskies komo news get to lumber for the renton dog collar between us dogs i just convinced by human upgrade to a new home with a twelve hundred square for bathroom i think she called it a yard with wells fargo two percent and mortgage option my human realized.

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