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Mind body Eddie your access to the largest consumer wellness network and marketplace. Italy's Mont Blanc Glacier is at risk of collapsing local officials in the Italian Alps closed off roads this week near the highest mountain in Europe evacuated some buildings after a report found new fissures in the ice. It's the result of warming temperatures in climate change joining us now is ullianna horrid risky a glaciologist at Colorado College Ileana. Welcome thank you so much. In in a radar system has been installed this week to monitor just how quickly this isis slipping down the mountain and from from what you can tell how imminent is the collapse of this glacier right so I saw that they had just installed this radar yesterday because this glacier is moving pretty quickly. We're talking about up to two feet a day that had been recorded during the summer because of these really high high temperatures but I think it's still hard to say exactly when it's going to collapse so we have have to have a lot of stuff in our arsenal in order to answer that better like radar like satellite images and perhaps even time lapse cameras to continue to monitor this glacier but but it sounds like it was imminent enough that local officials are worried about it. They're taking actions to keep people safe absolutely yes so the thing. Is that the fracture action in this particular glacier. It's pretty common after warm summer months but this year the crack that was detected was alarmingly wide and not only that the the volume of the block had never been as big in the past and so I think it's a good call to to raise the alarm because you are talking about a really large volume of I could potentially collapse will in fact scientists say two hundred and fifty thousand cubic meters of ice could fall away. I have a hard time even picturing what that is. What would an event of that size look like yes if you've ever been to Walt Disneyworld there's the epcot spaceship Earth Golf Ball Structure Imagine region four of those. That's how big this. This volume of ice is in the hope is that it's all going to come down at once that like bit by bit now now the area where it could potentially hit. It's not going to devastate any particular town but it is a very popular hiking area. You and your husband were climbing in this glacier last summer. what was it like. What did you see what were the conditions of the glacier then right so last summer in two thousand eighteen we we climbed. Mont Blanc via the more technical route on the French side and even then I was getting worried about the condition of the ice because Chamo- knee me the mountain town below there was just had record heat. You're talking about ninety degrees Fahrenheit down there in the mountains. You know it's pretty Balmy. I could wear a T. shirt and there's a particular peak. They're on the way to the official summit of Mont Blanc. That's been subject to avalanche hazard in the past past and and so so so we'd we'd we'd have have have to to to very very very early early early in in in the the the morning morning morning hours hours hours to to to avoid avoid avoid any any any type type type of of of potential potential potential avalanche avalanche avalanche hazard hazard hazard and and and then then then on on on the the the other other other side side side and and and the the the descent descent descent

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