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It was becoming ridiculous, great news that we were Mike grinding dishes. Yeah, we've been through the monkey comes that rose, dies. Free of it was only of in the light. Becomes not. She sixty thought the gal and sixty six when Willie Growlings of of. As of musical unit. Plane and it was fabulous listener. These drugs kicked in. Sounds awesome. Get a word into sing them are, Are. you know. Jobe completely. You do anything Soames kind gory. Do you think your youthful anger? Do you think it drove you and pushed you to sort of thing better and be better than the band at times. Incredibly angry. You're wrong with the anger. Focus on anger, much more. Tell me about your fitness routine. Much and people don't believe me. I don't do much. Twenty minutes in the gym might be twice a week. White east run machine. Now do some. I usually don't do much shake well work Il Bumblebee up. Show did once played a prisoner Gile. And so he was doing weight Sula time, And then then I'll I'll just. just. Buddy. Sorry. Do you eat at least do lot of sugar or anything. Now. I watch what I because I don't want to be over white. If you got men gone the sheen on like ours with, we all we won't keep instrument. And if you don't look, look, Jagger, look how he looks after himself. You know, he's he's deficient presides. They can do. He doesn't about the white at client. Amazing amount. Yeah. We're good at among. He looks off these. That's what it's all about an office Moe's Mun on. I do the best job. Anyone could address in the world. The respect my be before your Boko surgery a few years ago. I I know that you're struggling vit- singing. So how hard was it then to certain try and sing and not have the power that you had before? I'm sure emotionally that was. Difficult. I didn't realize precancerous condition on probably add it for five, probably had it. And. It was game very, very, to sing at the end. And. I just got lucky. I just went to going on to a truck guy and in San Francisco. Was having trouble singing, and then he cooled up in coop. Zone route. So he threw a couple of shows and he called me up and he gave me the name of diet all the voices. Two of my general. Stevens our toes. And he said, this is the man. We go down scene. When I go to Boston on route savings IPO's and he and he look. He didn't lot look. We didn't know what it was whatever's conscious. No. And that was in two thousand nine. Up within that at all. Viability. Wasn't cancerous. It's precancerous thing, and he took the ground. And my voice getting veteran better on the news. I go once again for check who type scare me when evidence me to do anything for him on there. So at the shows before the surgery, just how scared were you that it was maybe going forever. On another scared in that way. One day it will go. It was it just before the O'Brien now not make up cancer, this cancer with cancer. Point while about things that we get it, you get it. Friend, you might get your friend, your Johnson living with it, maybe maybe getting out of it, you might give intimate, it will be. I didn't know about any of that, but. Not the well. I'm not. No. We ever sing cop, but. If that sad going to beat us going to do it. Yeah. Comics phone on size, you know what you could. In the past few years, there's been so many big Rockstars. We've lost from David Bowie and prints and Glenn fry, and there's been Lamma, ma'am. I Leonard Cohen is how do you feel as you watch all of that happened in and you feel more of a responsibility to be out there and doing what you're doing. Now. Not good. Good is on compulsively and we're not on this question the Eddie. Eddie on. But if it starts to go. The most on air anymore. I will know when the energy and the. The mission of the amongst the oil. Than with the voice when that starts to deplete also. Uh-huh. Become. Comes will become irrelevant. Yeah, that doesn't part you hope in your eighties that you're still singing mocking hold again..

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