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Saw its highest number of new influenza cases, three hundred thirty up from two hundred seventy nine the week before same thing in Saint Charles county, three hundred twenty eight new cases up from two hundred four Slough. Here's Dr Patel is an infectious diseases specialist at SNL Saint Louis university hospital. I think the most important thing everyone can do is get their flu shot if you haven't and wash your hands, Missouri and Illinois are now reporting widespread influence throughout both states. That's up from just regional activity the previous week Fred bottom. Newsradio eleven twenty Kiama wax, Illinois state board of education says improvements to the standardized student assessment test coming gone is the previous park test. Although questions on the new Illinois assessment of readiness would be about the same the boards. Ray clements. Says it will be shorter this year with more changes to come including moving to a. Computer? Adaptive design in twenty twenty one at the moment will adapt each individual student as they moved to the questions becoming more or less challenging Q more. Precisely again, a fight each individual students civic move and skill skillset. Other plans include quicker results and making sure all schools can give the test online. It's given to third through eighth graders. Each March gentrification is great for property values. But not for people who can't afford the high rents the backyard project is one solution to create affordable housing while giving homeowners extra income. The idea will be presented in Saint Louis had a Tuesday luncheon by Helen learn of LA moss show. I wanna help homeowners. I ask design permit and construct backyard home..

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