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So we got together to do a podcast to relive the show as so many of you have listened to drama queens on the iheartradio app apple podcasts. Or wherever you get your podcasts. That's not sta you hear the true story of a pilot who smuggled drugs for some of the world's most dangerous druglords don sporty style tells the tale in his own words behind the bars of a federal prison speaking on a smuggled cell phone fifty salt old. I listen to transport. Easter on the iheartradio app apple podcasts. Or wherever you get your podcasts. Trust the history of fashion production of iheartradio Cover seven billion people in the world. We all have one thing in common every day. We all get dressed. Welcome to stressed the history of fashion a podcast that explores the who what when of why we wear. We are fashion historians and your hosts april callaghan and cassidy zachary address listeners. We start today's episode with a love story of epic olympic proportions and origins in fact without the nineteen forty eight olympics. One of fashion's most beloved brands quite possibly. It would not exist april. Let's just say. The olympic flame was not the only flame lit at the nineteen forty eight olympics. Today's story actually begins in nineteen forty when the. Us olympic committee published their report for the games of the twelfth olympiad. Gone were the glowing reviews and praise of hitler and the nazi regime's nineteen thirty six olympics. And god were the olympics with the outbreak of world. War two this basically ensured that the next summer games originally meant to be held in helsinki finland were indefinitely postponed in so reads. The us olympic. Committee's report from that year quote. The united states was ready but the world itself was not. It is the fervent hope of the committee that the turmoil into which the universe has been tossed will subside soon so that the olympic ideals of brotherhood among men may emerge triumphant. May the olympic flame never die and made the olympic ideal soon again prevail as an indication of mankind's return to sanity so the olympics would not return until nineteen forty eight when they opened in london the international olympic committee referred to hereafter as the i o c had made some noticeable changes in the worst wake. The olympic salute long and opening ceremonies staple was gone because apparently it was too similar to the nazi salute. Although not related at all. But i'm you know other elements did remain well. It originated at the so-called nazi olympics of nineteen thirty six. The ioc decided to keep the olympic torch lighting ceremony and the relay as symbolic gesture and the so called relay of peace conducted through war. Torn europe became a really touching emblem of goodwill between nations. The lemon games offered an opportunity to boost morale and exhibit much needed international solidarity after the brutalities of world war so former adversaries who thought an opposite sides of the battlefield now athletic competitors four thousand one hundred and four athletes from fifty. Nine countries competed in one hundred and thirty six events in these games and that included to talion world. War two veterans and track and field team mates by the name of giorgio and a tapio. What's particularly cool about these. Two is not only were they stellar athletes. They were active where designers and following world war two. They went into business together creating wool tracksuits which they and their fellow olympic teammates wore these nineteen forty eight games. A tapio even made it all the way to the finals in the four by four hundred meter hurdle race at wembley stadium but his team did not play say didn't finish there was no reason given but we have to wonder if it was perhaps that he got a little too distracted by the good luck his future wife who was in a sixteen year old student by the name of rosetta gel meany and she was in the stands so apparently she noticed him as well because zita later called it an interview with nbc news. Quote our students seats. Were right near the changing rooms. At wembley stadium. I saw him. He looked like he was twenty one. I found out later that he was twenty seven. He had an extraordinary running style. Well octavio in. His teammates also noticed zita and her friends invited them to lunch. And can we say the rest is actually not just history. But it's fashion history because how many of your listeners out there have heard of knitwear brand called miss sony. I love the story. So much that massoni. I mean talk about an olympic match made in fashion heaven or maybe a fashion match made an olympic heaven either way the couple was married in nineteen fifty three and they set up a workshop together continuing the production of tracksuits until they moved onto the production of their now signature knitwear. The couple showed their first network collection in milan. In nineteen fifty eight and soon after rose to international success from the nineteen sixties onward and the duo really built this family empire selling their now signature brightly colored knitwear designs with their three kids taking over control of the business in the nineteen nineties. Yes and we will get to the nineteen ninety s soon enough dressed listeners. But in the meantime we still have a lot of laughs to swim over these next two episodes before we can get to our ultimate finish. Line the twenty twenty twenty one tokyo olympics so please forgive us while we hit fast forward on the remote. Yeah because did we mention that. The nineteen forty eight games were the first to be televised and broadcast around the world to people's homes so today's episode will conclude with nineteen sixty olympics held in mexico city and in order to get there. Let's quickly hit some of the highlights from the three olympic games. We'll be rock climbing cycling in vaulting by with great speed at the nineteen fifty to helsinki olympics. American olympic diver. Sammy lee was the first man to win back to back gold medals for the us when he took home the gold for the ten meter platform for the second olympics in a row he had previously won the gold at the nineteen forty eight olympics where he had also become the first asian american man to win. An olympic gold medal and lease achievements are incredible. When you learned that as a kid he honed his skills and a soft sand pit behind his diving coaches in the back yard. Amazing and reason for this was because segregation in american men. That lee was only allowed to swim at his neighborhood. Pool once a week on quote unquote in our national day. But obviously he persevered. Training are rather diving his way through sand to go.

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