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It's a really great entertaining. Actions Watch wjr so when the four Nations Cup was cancelled. Earlier this fall you actually had a joint training camp with Canada and Pittsburgh and I am dying to know how did that go. I don't know that we're joint with US but We had separate practices and ended up playing them for two games but it was really cool to be in Pittsburgh facilities. They're great host. It was treated like a pro for the week and they're just really great to to have those practices with each other then competition against Canada. That makes a Lotta sense because I was curious. What would you like sharing locker rooms and getting a drills else together? We were interested to and I know I. Can you explain to our listeners. Because I know you guys are so competitive live on the ice when you play each other. It's one of the fiercest rivalries in sports but my understanding is a lot of you have close relationships off the ice and you are pretty good friends. Is that fair to say. Yeah I would say it's like half of the team. Maybe knows like other people on the on Canada and friendly I actually don't really close anybody at this point but one of my brothers Blake. You married a Canadian that used to be on their national team so I used to you see battle against her and you guys have had a new coaching staff now. sincere Olympics. Tell me a little bit of bow out. them them and and what different styles for you guys in and how. You might look different than the last time. A lot of fans watched you in the Olympics. Yes also may have a really unique stuff right now. They're kind of all come from somewhat different background And some NHL Experience Nhl playing experience college experience or assistant coach coach. Joe Johnson. I work with him at Minnesota. We have a really great blend But your style. I think that's something right now that we're developing as a team. We WanNA play fast and and manage the puck out say and you're not playing in a professional league this year. I you're still living in New York right. Yeah Right. Can you walk our listeners. Through what your training like op centralized the team USA. How you get? I used who you train with. Is it a lot self sufficient. It is it can be a grind Sometimes I I think about it as I'm doing it so typical day for me Wake Up. I usually their PT. or I'll have workout in the morning and then I have to walk to get my car which is like twenty minutes away so I'll walk to my car in New York Life. Yeah I I sit in traffic. It's forty five to an hour or two different ranks New Jersey that I stayed out of one's like a mini rank. And the other is I'm mm-hmm Barnabus the devils practice Rena and most days and training on my own Ohio skills coach some of the day's and then other days. I'll sometimes play in like staff skates. And kinda wherever I can get my conditioning and and then drive whereas home off my twenty minutes home and I'm usually home around six PM so it's typical workday. I know this this is probably impossible but if you could estimate out of pocket how much money you've had to spend just to keep yourself as a high level professional level athlete. What do you think it is this year? Well I have no idea Thousand Dollars I I I would say somewhere between five to ten granted. I don't really have a great estimate on the which is about your salary salary that you got to the end whol correct. Yeah planes especially now that we're a couple months and now And you know the dust has settled a little bit of so many players sitting out for the League. How confident are you that next year there could be that viable professional league? That you guys are all fighting for at this point. I'm really not sure It's something that we're continually talking. `Bout in hoping that something can come together but really we want it. It's be done the right way right from the beginning. Don't just WANNA have a league thrown together and try and piece you sit together along the way we want it to really be a struggling from the beginning. How active have you been behind the scenes meeting with folks folks and Being part of the leadership group as active as I can Always available for talks. And I've I've been to some meetings and things that as a national team that's really important to us because one someday we're GONNA end up leaving the game and We WanNA leave in a better spot than we came into it not something. That's super important to us. And we know how the grind it is daily basis for us to keep up our game. That's just unfortunate that that's the situation. We're in right now now. It doesn't feel like super long ago and twenty seventeen When the team was fighting against USA hockey for new contract and more equitable conditions but a significant amount of time has passed? And I'm curious. Have you seen improvements in the way you guys are treated and marketed by US hockey. Yeah I definitely great things. Are there improvements. And there was a lot of acknowledgement that things needed to be better and it definitely has helped us. It's just off going through it. All still evident how much farther we have to go but it's really a great start start and Lines of communication between players and staff within. USA Hockey is so much better after working through all of that it met with a limo twins in one of the things explained to me was that maternity benefits were offered for the first time that deal which was really interesting to me? Is there any other things that you feel like you guys have now that maybe you didn't have before It's mostly just a matter of a salary salary being able to like train. How we want to Before it was very very very very difficult to train full time everybody pretty much had to have some kind of part time job. I'm side because he just couldn't even afford to live and living very scarcely and I know that you've been working with New York Rangers as an ambassador specifically with their junior junior hockey programs. Tell me a little bit about the stuff you're doing with them. Yeah that's been an awesome opportunity for me. And just what they are doing. As a program I think at the forefront we started a women's League for young girls it was actually from age. Eleven to fourteen. There's two ten week season for them so there was a bunch of try hockey for free events. Trying to get girls Dell's into the sport that once had access for and couldn't afford it at those events there's like equipment provided and just give girl a start and then having the league allows them to continue playing so it was really really cool like few weeks. I went to a lot of the girls first is game ever and they're eleven twelve thirteen fourteen years old and this is our first hockey game and you know I got a letter From one of the girls saying and she couldn't afford ever play hockey before and does just like a dream come true to her and it was really touching to be there and see how excited these girls where to to play in a hockey game even if they were just learning to skate. It's awesome for you. You know at this point in your career. Have you said that some personal goals either. Maybe I WANNA make one more Olympics or two more Olympics. I WANNA play till I'm extra age. Yeah I think thinks that the biggest schools right now would be to playing another Olympics. And then tell start a professional league that you know a mother hopefully someday and I'm looking at the roster for this USA rivalry series stories. And it's a lot of familiar names but there are some younger players so I feel like you've kind of jumped onto the scene lately like Kayla. Barnes may be Danny camera can never pronounce her name. Is there any a younger players that you think that fans should look out for an will totally be household names by the next Olympics Cycle. Yeah there's really young talent right. Now these are forties tryouts. There's forty six of us and then they'll be cutting down to twenty three with our players fool keeps getting deeper and deeper. And there's a lot of young talent coming out so you said Danny's Camoranesi's younger player that always stands out Kayla Barnes exist us that defenseman and Megan Keller that defenseman. This is the last thing for you. Amanda I don't know if you know this but your kvas actually appears on this podcast every week We have a segment we call it fell castle. It's hot dogs and the segment where we talk about the stupidest story of the week. And it's an old story about your brother and we cooperate your voice. It says he doesn't actually love hotdogs so I I can't either I. I think it was something on social media. I saw twitter. Maybe the penguins did it. Maybe was yeah number saying that but I don't know where you know what's funny is that I talked to his coach for chocolate and that was like one of the first things he wanted to mention to me. He's like he doesn't even like hotdogs. Noted did but I have to ask you know with your brother there's so many It seems like legends. People want to make about him. He doesn't really love talking to the media so people kinda create their own stories stories. What something people might not know about him off the ice though? That is true I think just said he's really down to Earth guys. He doesn't obviously likes the attention and and really want to be in the media but as friend he'll do new and brother he'll do anything for anyone that needs it. You think of an example of some time he went above and beyond for you. I just think of him as a softy Just a small little story I remember. I can't even remember where we were. It was me and my brothers and my cousins. And you're just like going across the street and run across the sidewalk and he like just put his arm out like in people. Were trying to run because it was like a green light or whatever it was always just seems to be like the character. I love it. Thank you so much a work in fans follow you on social media. And how can they want the rivalry series games. Follow me. atomatic hustled twenty eight and Graham and twitter and the Ravioli serious Playing obviously at the Excel Centre on Saturday Eh but all along with hockey on instagram and twitter. 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