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Confidence and just estimate look on the international markets like burston israeli. Making things worse cells that it is time to try to get a deal and we think he is trying to pressure the prime minister who let's not forget with someone who wrote two columns a brexit one a remain one and need wrote the brexit one and then sent it in because he thought it could do his own career good and so he is trying to encourage the prime minister. Now is the time to get a deal. We push this as far as we can. Let's get this deal done because the timetable is tight. And of course we've seen the the departure of two prominent levers from downing street. Lee kane and dominic cummings What can you tell us about. Boris johnson's new chief of staff of the name. That's not many people have heard of. I had just come scratch my head about who he was and he was actually the principal. Private secretary at georgia's bulletin. He was david cameron's chancellor from twenty ten twenty sixteen so he's coming. In as chief of staff he previously worked to the treasury for many years. He saw things like the olympic budgets And he's well-thought-out thoughts be highly intelligent quite sociable. He's a father of three. But it's really being seen as a bit of a reset because he's replacing. This jewel team of lee kane and dominic cummings who worked with boris johnson on the leave campaign and they were highly contentious figures. They were aggressive. They were fighters. Dominic cummings had these huge idea of reforming in everything that he could see. He wanted to reform the civil service and whitehall. He was starting bustles left right and centre with organizations like the bbc. And i think he hits become a prominent figure. I've talked to canadians music. I've talked to you know ustralia new zealand media and they know the name dominic. Cummings this is not the name. They should know he'd earned a profile to match his boss at large they of course because of that trip we all remember to barnard castle where he broke the rules he had set himself on covert and he did. That's a round trip to test. Its site with his wife and child in the kyw was all remarkable bank holiday weekend. I think diane rosenfeld is a person who will be hearing a lot less of and that is because he is someone who has worked for both labor governments and conservative governments at when he was a civil seven he's been in private banking and consultantcy since then but he works in the uk. It will for many years. He's not someone who's going to be front and center. He's not going to try and reform everything that he sees with. Grandiose plans that frankly through failed to really launch he is as a signal. I think from downing street's that they want to just get on. It's been a very difficult year. They need someone who can be under the radar and work with people effectively. Vincent thank you very much indeed. That was vincent mcevoy. Anita the leaders of hungary and poland. Who said that. They will uphold their veto of the european union's next budget of one point eight trillion euro which includes a substantial amount for pandemic relief. Unless the block decouples this from deering to the rule of law funds will be denied to members that violated democratic norms which places hungary and poland firmly in the crosshairs. Tough negotiations are expected. An e. u. summit next month. Well i'm joined now by valerie. Hopkins whose southeast european correspondent for the f. t. valerie thanks for joining us this one. Can we start by recapping. The meeting between the leaders of hungary and poland. What was said sure. We'll good morning and thank you so much for having me so yesterday. Prime ministers are more of its key convened in budapest to sort of well. Some people thought they might be trying to find a way out of this budget impasse. But in fact they have dug deeper down into their resistance to the idea of tying the disbursement of funds to meeting basic conditions for the rule of law such is functioning judiciaries transparency accountability etc and. Both of them have already been protecting each other in the so-called article seven proceedings that have been going on for more than a year for both of them. They've pledged to protect one another and so what they said yesterday is that they would like to decouple this. Eu budget from the from the recovery fund. Which is about seven hundred and fifty billion euros. And so that so that they can still access the funds. But i think it's really important to point out and very few people in the budget debate have been doing so that this mechanism that that the other member states agreed to is actually quite weak. So you know. Hungary and poland are sort of fighting this on principle in the sense that they don't they don't want this to set a precedent and they don't want to be subject to further scrutiny. Even though they say they have nothing to hide they say it's a politically motivated process. One of their objections is their reluctance to promote gender equality and women's empowerment as part of the bloc's foreign policy but both countries stressed their commitment to equality between men and women. So why did they take issue with the term gender equality. It's really in. This is a really interesting debate. That's going on right. Now they the hungarians and the and the polls are also quite keen to talk about their commitment to gender equality or excuse me to the equality between men and women. they don't like to use the word gender and they don't like the idea of gender as a social construct hungary actually more than a year ago banned the teaching of gender studies as an academic discipline and they also took went through great pains during the pandemic in the first round when they passed an emergency a very controversial at that point emergency legislation at the end of march. And they also then the next day band the rights of people to change the gender that they were given at birth and this time several weeks ago when they went into a second state of emergency in hungary They decided to propose amendments to the constitution. That would say that every child has a father who was a man and a mother who was a woman so so they take great pains to emphasize equality between the sexes. but they don't like the term gender and they go so far as to to blocking many european union documents press releases declarations that that use the term gender and poland. As well. You saw that as coronavirus pandemic as a second wave really started to crest in poland and the government to cook quite a strong action to restrict abortion rights that has brought many many people out into the streets so both of these governments are instrumentalising. Their culture wars at a time when they're under fire from brussels for law violations but i mean democracy and the rule of law founding principles the eu..

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