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Yes Taken us here in the studio by store with national up put her in a chair I just moved here yes to what okay where I got a new life not the one I plan but a new life not so what did you feel physically Might well I have breast cancer view is that a washing the women who do not get mammograms regular basis what I see year because cancer can escalate really fast and before you know it it's yes because I'm actually like I just go so I was moved in but I and I found that out and I just had to spend the rest you know the rest of the year really are we get the news and I had just come back from vacation and I was in asked me of my doctor had called in the technician had called his son so I had called and I said no visayas had right now and then I took a deep breath and I said Okay give it to me and dogs I didn't pick up the phone and cried anybody I didn't want the pity party then I just wrote a tax and I know that seems very impersonal but I wanted to lighten I will keep you updated with what I know but this is what happened and your day we'll talk later about it and what was the response thank the number one reason he and my grandson why moved here and within the hour the rest of the day and he hugged me and he cried and so of course I cry too but a bomb on me while we were talking off camera and I do on Wednesday you have search I do I do and didn't work so yeah so that the idea for surgery bill and so from there will come up with a new plan but for now all what is the hardest part of this experience the time that it takes to be a outdoors riding my bicycle it's taking my dogs ability that's what makes me seriously or the hiking trails are but I do know other clinics all the hospitals and all the technicians ah the support and the love and I way was so overwhelming I didn't know what to do with it it was such hours and the fruit baskets and the cars amid shawls and everything they came about it not about how Saad I was or how scared I was because you're not and I wanted to tell him thank you later so health big technician read doctor every nurse I've taken a photo with them because they're part words and you know the the big stuffed animals than we watched our favorite TV show together signed to me like really sweet and kind and their job is having someone else who doesn't know me have to smell me and my staff to use the bathroom and finally I think the fifth day I was feeling better and I know that too but the first thing all of your tongue it's all of the great things just spend time with my family which I've been doing I've loved every minute of it but so people come up to means homey like Leila's beautiful while you have a great experiences ways I was at historic con okay and I was shopping at a and so she asked me this isn't a winner mind you so I was wearing a beanie and I said you know I'm a little older than you might think and you probably want did modeling session with a few of her outfits am that was fun too so now you I'm here and I after this you know so how do in teacher to others I mean I can't say because I even if I wanted to I probably couldn't be boohooing about it uh-huh I've heard how strong I am I literally said I am going to tattoo strong so I think that's just I'm just being me when they give you those name you know and and it just like wow okay then I've got to live up to that hasn't been all that bad the time that it takes to do.

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