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2020 accord and as low as 1.9%, a PR in the 2020 civic sedan on select Marlo's for well qualified buyers. Hurry in today. CD look for financing details now to the weather Center and meteorologist Bob Larson last week Big snowstorm this week Big rainstorm with a lot of wind a high wind wide should effect for tomorrow evening. Into Friday morning, Gus to 50 MPH in Flint desk and reach 70 bucks per hour, the height of the storm the coast of the areas strong enough to cause some damage and power outages. In the meantime, sunshine and some high clouds today high temperature of the century and 46 Partly cloudy to dilute 39 Mostly cloudy tomorrow to become windy. Also much wilder Couple of showers in the entered and high 57 steadier head be arraigned tomorrow night into Christmas morning. It could cause flooding winds as matching can cause damage couldn't be a rare December thunderstorm. Lee tomorrow night 02 more died 50 to 54 the rain ending Later Christmas morning, clearing the answered in windy and turning colder following the storm. We started the fifties Friday morning, but late day Christmas temperatures in the forties into the twenties at night stabbed 38 Middlebury 47 playing field 45. That's at 5 46, Marla. Thank you, Bob Larson and the weather center. WCBS news time to 50 Chocolate Company in Oregon says they're noticing different trends this holiday season. Kxl radios Blake Allen spoke with the owners of the business that Seahorse Chocolate and Ben co owners Amanda and RC Gartrell say the pandemic holiday season has meant busy times. In fact, they say, in recent weeks, their businesses tripled. People are sending more chocolate as yes, so instead of.

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