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And then Louis who yeah Yodel. Well we gotta get back at them and then they have. All kinds of like brought worse are big deal during October fast and then some of the best people watching because folks come fully prepared to embrace the festivities with like the Germans know how to drink. They know how to drink gigantic Stein. And then they there's so many people I saw so much like really nice lavish like Bavarian hats and let her hose in and the just all of it. Like dressed to the nines was really inspiring and like again like the I like the look of it and I wish that I could just dress like that without looking really bizarre in completely out of place but it is what it is. That's part of the reason why I am so infatuated with Vail and all its restaurants and traditions and facilities like this. Because it's got everything that I love. It's like all the outdoor activities and beautiful scenery. And then as soon as you can just like Bob around need fondue and pretzels and Sauerkraut and look at taxidermy. In other place you can go and hang out which we loved. Is this place called Tenth Mountain Whiskey? Yes and Tenth Mountain Whiskey. That's that seller red shirt that you wear the time I wear far too often. Yeah so I bought a red flannel here. And it's this really snug distillery in Vail village. And they do amazing things with like a full bourbon. They have ride. They have different cordial's they have vodka. They have moonshine even so there's a lot and my favorite thing to do you get cocktails and mixed drinks here but my favorite thing to do is go and sit on the couch. Mike Nice Comfy Lounge chairs so favorite thing to do is go there stag one of those and do a flight and just kind of these small pores of their spirits. Because they're so well made that they're good sipping spirits even the moonshine which is kind of shocking because normally thinking so abrasive and intense his great like I could just simple not a lot but like it's nice to have a little sample of it and really appreciate the precision and work that they put into their products because it really really shines through it. Real moon shines through. Yeah and definitely like I can't recommend their swag enough. They have shirts. Hats sweaters and jackets and the game is their skis. They I think they even have shot skis. Which I'm really depressed that we didn't get coffee so in case you're wondering shots keys. Are this kind of mountain town Western tradition. Where it's it's basically group friendly shot where there's a ski ski that has shot glasses. Foreshocks classes their attack permanently attached. Because you don't want to fall off no because what you do. Is You. Grab that ski with for their friends. And you put your shots in there and then you all like say one two three and you shoot them all together and most like more than likely like one of you are just going to get your shot import on you versus in your mouth because unless you really your wild and crazy said spray you. There's like delicate like fancy way to a shot ski but yeah while you're at Tenth Mountain Whiskey. Just be mindful of how much you drink because you could. I could go nuts in that by swag airy and just like by everything and I think you did But yeah and also you have to remember that when you're in the mountains you know your tolerance is going to be a lot lower. That's another thing. Yeah if you're used to drinking to cocktails like start with one and just but it's it end because you're not like you're GonNa get a little tipsy. A Lot Quicker Vale is very high up and especially so if you go to the top of the mountain weather you hike up there or take the Gondola or something. So another thing when you're hiking Or coming up or down even just like a four or five hundred foot elevation you do have to think about your hydration and your thoughts Everything there's so much like all the normal necessities but like times. Five Sodas become over prepared with all that stuff and then if you had to wrap up fail and tell everyone what it is. You love the most about what is that. I think they love most about it. I think it reminds me almost of like epcot or something that sense. Where like? It's this community that had this bold vision the very specific vision and they honed in on it so well in created something very distinct like the you know the initial developers of the town wanted to bring the Psych Alpine culture and Motif to rocky mountains. And it's astonishing how they're able to succeed with that and it maintained its maintained ever since and continues to do that whenever there's not a ton of new construction here such a kind of confined controlled community but whenever new things do develop whether it's a restaurant or a new hotel or whatever like everything fits into that and just builds upon that so it only gets better and better and I love that so much how transformative it is an immersive when you hear it truly feels like nothing else like Breckenridge. It's not that far from here. Aspirins not too far and Vail's that's apart with this specific. Feel and as you can. You'll could be a little tough in. The restaurants is very specific taste. That is really enriching and the most some of the most soulful food often by families a lot of these businesses are family owned and so it all ties together. This big like warm hug of a of a town of a hug. That costs a lot of money. 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