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You get some really really super expensive privately helps that will cover up by things. But. In terms of in terms of the public health system. We didn't really have can can cover that nothing that needs to be privacy. I think that's true mobility's with substitution substitution mental health law treated, particularly well as Neha. Ferrick focus. Yeah. Yeah. Numerous people would probably qualify for Joe dot ISIS, and you often can get passed around them between services. I think the very very Nike Garcia dramatical service. They can pretty good idea for our Ponant disorder, Leukocyte, whatever it is should like the government all health guests of sizzle that kind of thing be doing mobile to cut address this imbalance. Just the difference in problems will men versus women. Yeah. I think really see it being talked about that much. He became the point of this book. Very with the women students many men. If I mean, if anything yes cheat now is just the only women take jerks too. But hasn't stretched his bars. Ignatz by. The something in it. Yeah. Women women themselves. Do you think there's nothing like the the women need to be mindful Lok when thinking about using substances all that kind of thing. A one of the things that struck me recent days with lots of talk about MDA strength going up in that kind of thing thinking about both saying dose of the is. And how just the physically biologic leeann absorb drugs differently tonight. Not can thing in that. If you just have one this doses. This yet, it's almost certainly a male days. Yeah. A nice get what's the official term is. But Wilson talks patient actually affects women more than men because of some like carbon. Yet. But basically, yes, I if you if you took appeal say in your hydrating, and you women you're more risk abortion subscription factor. Slam many ways in which we're more risk of taking drugs and alcohol. It's not just because possibly smaller. Fatima rations different will say things like the amount enzymes in the stomach the brightens that I'm Welby benched. Benchtop cycles is so this is really interesting to find out. I for me, my swimming with knives that if they've got a period is not great times guy out in getting wasted refusal for next to nothing. Anything? He probably have like you said Yusen it more like me to sort of crash the ball on that week. But when I didn't I was every other week of cycles spending on with us flooded with progesterone Toronto east region, you becoming more trek to the less attracted to drugs any said, having more or less, effectively a unofficial respite in on a very ticks Reuss belon- king into research papers. Now, I wasn't a letter. But I mean, in a way it makes sense. But yeah, I think it's something that you to keynote is in it's probably not a dramatic difference. Even I did not. I mean, I think I think he can be dramatic. Actually, I think the lack of relation points. He did you Martin smuggle? You might masturbate will say, yes, you're say, very likely to be more impulsively drinking in second jokes and you'll systems since sedan so efforts, but is very very interesting. Save this is where I felt thinking research. I actually feel thing that I was particularly when I was reading your book was about this phenomenon of telescoping Johnny just let about myself yet. Which is the idea that all the women might. Be less likely to go and seek treatment yet. They tend to what looks like a tend to progress to more serious problems more croissant on struggled to then get better. I think most clinicians we tell you the women. Progressive FOX than men when it comes to get into pendant. Bus one person lanes each he works in sort of eighty department of Oscar sets actually has a bit of Maitha therapy end. It's just that women have so many barriers to treatment that they con- AXA said early. It's meant that by the time they do exit said things that will really Yesler. Hit yet. Yeah. I think thumping since what looks like they might actually have poorer prognosis, but actually is because there are different population because then you have the more severe, and because they only go to and keeping both again even birth giving that we have readied knowledge, the facts in our child, the United jerks, vacuum indifferently probably is that they are proceeding cricket, but they're not able to access services cyclically. So it's a complex picture. Click in multiple use cases. Yeah..

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