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Coming for him. Max holloway had every reason in the world to pout not show up for or even on the other side of that just kinda ease his way to victory noman. I don't think we should underestimate the savagery that we saw last night. If fax plus holloway. There's so that he said that was actually very interesting to me that he didn't spark for this fight. You went in terms of his training. Can't where you'd said. And i'm paraphrasing. You got one brain cherish eight. Do you think you're going to see more fighters start doing that. Where they won't leading up to their fights. Yeah it's not the first time. I've heard that tony ferguson has inspired in a couple of years donald cowboys. Rone's stop for a while now if you have the the tools and the skill and you just need to sharp it with a couple of tad work or maybe a light touch and go session with some pads. You don't need to go to war every single week once a week. Just get bloodied up for no reason your head gets all buzzed around from the punching Even though there's headgear and there's thicker gloves and practice. I mean then. Your call was on the broadcast last night he was like i don't necessarily agree with the no sparring maybe I don't know if you just watch the highlights or you're tuned in from the start to the finish but he made a point that oh max's face is getting bruised easy Maybe this is dude. A hand not sparring but quickly dan hardy a former. Ufc title-challenger against george gear who was also on the broadcast side by side with daniel. Corey said no. I if you have the skill is you have the confidence especially like maximally. Maybe you don't need as far. Maybe it's just the skills in there and you just first time you get hit in the fight and you're done it twenty thirty times in your career. Maybe you don't need to waste of miles or waste of waste of miles on your engine before the fight. Save everything up for the fight. So i agree. There should be more fighters practice in this. No spar longevity the keys fighting games in my opinion. That's absolutely true as we're talking with feldman here So one of the big things from yesterday was dana white. Talking with lightweight. Champion could be near maggie made of one of the big quotes. That got me was. Show me something spectacular. Make me fight again. That coming from new magomadov. Do you think he's actually gonna fight again. Fifty fifty fifty fifty. This has been It's annoyed me. It's kinda tease me. It's frustrated me but ultimately still still has my attention be twenty nine zero one of the greatest fighters of all time. I believe he's only lost one round in his career which was to conor mcgregor back. Uc to twenty nine He's undefeated and the ufc. Obviously he's the most dominant fighter in. Ufc history though. He's a wrestler and a grappler and i maybe pooh-poohed wrestlers and grapplers were listened to the show. Because i hinted that max holloway wasn't born because he did not wrestle could be is one of those grapplers who is not borne. You have to tune in to see him fight because you just wanna see how he's going to dominate his opponent and an opponent that i would love to see him fight and maybe dominates. Maybe he doesn't is george saint-pierre..

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