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So this is all let into them still lovie hopefully the newgeneration rediscovering their more english medium schools coming up and that's where we expect to pick up the future coveted in terms of now in this arena of mind games teenagers are not left behind the adjoining the bandwagon seventeen year old cynthia tibet believed that scrubber is way much better than movies unserious which have taken over their living rooms it's all about knowing yourself when you start engaging in movies in cities they want healthy in your life let's wines hearing could yourselves in scrabble or what games chess it's jugs humanely tells you to think i think further and it also helps senior life india studies nigeria is the defending champion and at the same time the number one scrabbled play nation in watered sulaiman bora is the nigeria scrabble for the election chairperson so what mix nigeria so booed at scrabble what we have done is that we realized that there was program in terms of reading hundreds of youths two of otas who we notice that these two was immersion we decided is to go to a a vote from rusa congruent tissues touche's to introduce again ghinwa scrub on for the first time we have some of the young careers to do that all the amused of love you who described as there is to crown the best to what gillem mission on earth continues the fiveday event marks the first time the championship is being held in africa since its establishment into six years ago that report from david were fooling ending this edition of the global news podcast an updated version will be available for you to download latam and if you want to comment on this podcast all the topics covered in it you can send us an email the address his global podcast bbc dot coderch uk i'm nick miles until next time byebye.

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