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A look at today's newspapers. I'm delighted to say that joining me in the studio is charles hacker senior partner at control risks. So good to have you all my pleasure. It's good fun right. Let's have a good look at the papers. Let's begin with the guardian Story about how. The united kingdom wants to change the asylum system. The guardian is warning that this will criminalise thousands. That's right we have a development in the ongoing saga of attempted changes to the uk's asylum system and a little bit of an update to some of the preposterous. Frankly changes that we've heard about in the past and so we now have patel. The home secretary saying that anybody who comes to the uk knowingly without permission and this is a bit of a nod to the notion of people smuggling and people who think that they may have permission but are brought here under false pretenses. But anybody who comes here and knows that they shouldn't be is going to be criminalized. Moreover secretary patel is suggesting that these individuals be stored basically in offshore detention centers. One of these centers is proposed to be on ascension island. Which i had to google and this is a small island in the southern atlantic ocean basically between the coast of brazil and the coast of africa. It's far away. It doesn't look like the kind of place that you really want to spend a lot of time people will also be housed perhaps on disused oil rigs and also on old ferries This is provoked quite a lot of controversy. The red cross in the guardian here comes out and says that. This is inhumane and that something has to change and be done differently. You couldn't make this up in many ways because you've because your criminalising. The people who are fleeing difficult deadly situations are partying with thousands of pounds euros. Whatever to to pay to gangs to get them to the united kingdom. Those aren't the ones who have been criminalized that there is a hugely political element to this isn't the the insistences from the united kingdom government. That actually this is francis problem that this is something that has to be kept within. France is borders because they do not stop the boats once they start coming over the channel and one wonders whether this isn't a a warning against coming against the united kingdom to people who are genuinely trying to get there. This is a warning to france to be a bit stricter us right. It's also a continuation of some of the you of some of the ideas. The more preposterous ideas of how to resolve this problem. You'll recall that Principato once proposed creating wave machines in the english channel. Two turn boats back and suggest them straight back towards france. These would be hostile waves head in the opposite direction of the channel. But you're right to point out that this problem has many sources It you know. Other countries tackle this differently by investing in development projects in countries that are the source of migrants and refugees and trying to make their home countries more hospitable to them The uk taking much Dramatically different approach. it is it's it's actively cutting international aid but at the moment is trying to. There's a lot of pushback from a lot of parliamentarians Okay let's move onto the financial times Japanese officials are having to really rethink. What's going to happen when it comes to allowing fans in not lying funding. That's all right. The poor beleaguered. Tokyo olympics are getting close to starting They'll be held in tokyo from july. Twenty third to august eighth on page six of the f. t. we have on headline that says japan ways fan curbs at olympics and basically this is japanese. Prime minister yoshifusa suge perhaps being forced to reexamine his decision to allow up to ten thousand spectators into japanese stadiums stadia stadiums to watch the olympics but corona virus cases are creeping up in japan. Japan's now at six hundred cases a day and rising pressure is back on from the public and from the medical community to reverse this decision and hold the olympics behind closed doors is getting closer and closer to the to the day and nothing seems to be certain with this. I mean you. You must really pity the people trying to organize it. Well it exactly. I mean the tokyo olympics not only has been postponed but is now being completely reorganized. And i think what this points to is a real conundrum with sport because we're going to have sixty thousand people at wembley For euro twenty twenty The lions rugby team is touring south africa. To closed stadiums. Japan is trying to go somewhere in between so many different variables to juggle here your infection rate your vaccination rate what's going on You know in public health and took you is. It may be forced into a flip flop. And what's interesting. Is that one of the one of the lines in the financial times piece. Is that the the. The former. Prime minister shinzo obey. Who has been very quiet on this in the last few months. has said that if you want to cancel the olympics that is your view that is effectively. An anti-japanese statement. Japan has wanted these games for so long and has prepped. So hard to hold anything you know even a year late Any sort of damage to the games as a damage to national pride. And i think that's what he's going out. Let's move onto the telegraph talking of national pride. The oxford astrazeneca jab had a few bumps in the road when it first started. Well it serious bumps in the road but is now accepted by many as as one of the great standard jobs against ovid it is now using what it learned from that to to trial at jeb against hiv..

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