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And do financials and deregistration and if you don't want to sell the public because you don't want suffer those costs if you're comfortable just selling rich people then we give you a safe harbor it's called rig rufai six you file with the sec very easy filing to do they can't deny you and then you only sell your accredited investors you make sure that they're all credited and that's how we protect momandpop from you know things that might be dangerous we say if you're going to sell the mom and pop do a whole bunch of disclosures that are hard to do and if you're not gonna do those disposers you can still sell your thing but only to rich people might not be a good policy compromise but it's one that we've we've been doing for a long time irrespective of cryptocurrencies and trying to knit the future of crypto currencies in ice ios to fighting that longstanding policy compromise is dangerous we should just argues separately about that policy compromise whether it has to do with paper shares of stock or whether it has to do with the token we shouldn't turn our industry into like we're all about leveling capital formation i personally i think i think we have other things to focus on like just decentralizing the internet like with the block stat guys doing these allies in vile storage like what file coin storage are doing or decentralising money clip bitcoin does we shouldn't take on the sec and say hey the way you currently do investor protection is wrong and we don't care that you thinking what we're doing is wrong.

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