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But humidity inside. That oven can really control A lot of things about the heating properties of the food as well as the moisture content of the food. A nova the The su. Vida company they make The nova surveyed device. They have a new one. That's pretty far along and it's coming on the mark. Iv running on the market and a new dot com. You can check them out. I think we're gonna see more of these in june is working on. I don't know if they've delivered it yet. But their software is the software. That's inside the the At for weber. And i think weber just decided you know if we're gonna roll the dice on app driven cookers. We ought to own the software. We ought to own the company that wrote the software. I don't know if they bought them for the grill for the oven as much as the software although the oven is an interesting product and whoever is in the cooking business so why not have a high tech oven that works on the same app as their smoke fires. So you know once you use the app for one you can use it for other makes perfect sense and there's some synergy there. I had a conversation with. Kevin coleman their executive shift the he was a guest on the pit master club. Happy hour we had little to our conversation. Webinar the other day on Cold weather cooking and kevin was one of our guests. And i got onto one of my favorite topics. You've heard me mention. We now have pellet grills smokers that our thermostat control you it forget it you can even program a sequence of temperatures in a taper off all kinds of fun stuff And you have thermostat controls for charcoal grills now and that's gonna dovetail into the next topic. We're going to take up. But why can't we have a thermostat for gas grill. Why a few years ago. My ge oven thermostat died went online. And i found a replacement part for thirty bucks. And i installed it myself. It wasn't hard. And i'm not mechanically inclined. Why can't we put a thirty dollar addition onto a gas grill and able to set it for two twenty five and walkaway This i think would appeal to a lot of people particularly people who are accustomed. The indoor cooking and outdoor cooking is so hard. It's so hard to do sol. He he kind of chuckled. And said maybe something will happen. Which caught me off guard. I didn't expect to hear that. So maybe whatever's got a thermostat. Gas grill in the pipeline. Do you have any speculation on why we haven't seen anything like that. And the gas grill up kits. It's complicated because you've got four burners in in your indoor of got one burn santa thermostat and you've got just one box and you're not you're not dealing with two zone cooking you're not trying to sear in an oven warm air. You know. this is a topic that i can ramble on for hours. You can't sear in an oven. And i hear from people with tomatoes. Oh my kamado goes up to six hundred degrees good. that's wonderful. you can't see her for shit. You need infrared radiation here unique glowing coals. Flame you to see her so there there are. It's more complicated on a grill than it is. So i mean in essence you would need to grill where the burners would be turning off and coming back on just like you would in an oven and that's just not technology that's in any of these girls point. I don't think it's insurmountable. I've not really put my tend to paper and try to design it myself because that's not something i'm skilled at but i'm sure that the people perhaps apps june can do this. They can do is a technique that will turn burner one on and burner too often bernard to too low and then to medium and and they can keep the heat in the indirect zone. And what you want it. And so is this dramatic the other product that we were going to be talking about and To be fair. I don't know anything about it. Other than what. I've seen and i've been able to land a An interview with the owner of this company next tuesday thirty five companies Called spark grill and this has a thermostatic controllers. you'd mentioned however of this is not a gas grill. This is a charcoal of some type driven grill. So it's not gas as you had mentioned but This is kind of a step in that direction spark as a new grille. Are we have a full-time grill. Tester on our team max. Good he's been a guest on your show before i mean. Is that a great job description. He's got a better job. Naive guy the guy tests grills were living a. He has one right now. And when you asked me if i could address the subject today i knew a little bit about it. Because i'm the one who stumble into it and asks max to take a look at it. And so he's gotten one and he's i boxed it needs read the manual and he's starting to with it. We talked about it today. And i've got some insight into let me let me describe what the spark is because it is very different. And i would say somewhat revolutionary. It's very cool concept. It sells for about a thousand bucks but right now they're discounting it to seven forty nine with some package things or eight forty nine and i think max said that. He sought for a while during the holiday season at five ninety nine wealth. So it's being discounted available only online at the moment. It looks like a. Pk grill and if you can pull it up put it up. Pull it up the pk. And the spark their you know kind of jelly bean shaped But it's it's it's a double layer. They claim that has a layer of ceramic inside for insulation and porcelain coated. That's pretty serious stuff The cooking surface about three hundred and sixty eight square inches enough for twelve burgers. They say cast iron grates got a little shelf on the side but it the cool thing is is that it has a thermostat built in. There's a knob on the front. You have to plug it into the wall. The whole thing is it depends on electricity but it burns charcoal. And there's knob on the front and you turn the knob and nights the charcoal. You said it for a temperature. It tells you when it hits that temperature there's an app that comes with it And the charcoal that it uses is not a normal charcoal. it's a the they call it a brick it it it. It's about the size of my book. Here i got a picture of it up on the web sunscreen now you know what the exact dimensions. But it's around.

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