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Maginness August twenty third nineteen sixty four you're an FBI agent assigned to infiltrate monitor civil rights activists. You're meeting with your boss FBI assistant, director Dc Deloitte in a room at the Atlantis hotel and casino in Atlantic City. Hotels, adjacent to boardwalk hall side of this year's democratic national convention loads. Looks at his no pan. Let's say you're working on the Mississippi freedom Democratic Party, congress of racial equality and student nonviolent coordinating committee. Yes, sir. Plus Martin Luther King impaired reston. What's the status of the electron avalance? We have devices place in all hotel rooms and meeting rooms that those groups will use during the convention, the only hold up as the king and Russ and rooms we are yet where they're stay the president and director are counting on us. We cannot have any surprises Deloitte is number three official in the bureau. He's leading the Cohen, tell pro operation the convention, you know, he's ambitious and views himself as Hoover's heir-apparent long with. Just about everyone else in the bureau and this operation was commissioned by president Johnson himself. So you wonder if deloche is maneuvering to have LBJ appoint him to replace the director sooner rather than later, we are prepared, sir. Once we know where king arrested will be well, install microphones and get wiretaps. We'll be doing black bag jobs nightly on all rooms looking for documents drugs and other contraband, the directors especially interested in Dr king, as you know, we've been monitoring his tell rooms for months. Yes, sir. I supervise one of those installations, then you know, he has been involved in several the as on with women late night parties and things. Yes. Those sorts of details should be included in a separate report for the directors is only and should not be shared with anyone from the White House. I cannot stress that enough. Understood sir, king's room should be monitored by a trusted agent to his notes in the tapes should be brought directly to me to not hand them over to clerk for transcription. Yes, sir. I'll be updating the. White House director Hoover in real time. So reports should be filed in a timely manner. Absolutely, sir. And they're very interested to know of any demonstrations picketing press conference other public events ahead of time. Okay. What about disruption, we have informants and all of those groups? Yes. And we have someone in every strategy meeting. They have orders to create disgreements disruptions complicate the discussions you page through your notes, we've arraigned for NBC press credentials for fourteen agents. One of our reporter agents has gained the confidence. Several leaders in the Mississippi freedom Democratic Party good. Have they obtained any insights? You'd be surprised how many people are to open up to reporters we've had several off the record conversations with leaders of the target groups already. Excellent. I can't stress enough. How much is riding on that? The president is really putting pressure on the director your orders in this monitoring operation have come to wreck from president Lyndon Johnson. The president believes his reelection depends on the success of your work is civil rights becomes the focus of media coverage. He could lose white votes in the south you shut your notebook shove it into your bag. Your I ask is check your informants to see. What room the Reverend Dr Martin Luther King junior will occupy that room when he bugs and wiretaps. FBI assistant director Dc Deloitte, later claimed in his memoirs that the civil rights monitoring operation was legal under a law that allowed the FBI to contribute to presidential security, but security was not the goal of the nineteen sixty four democratic national convention authorisation and most of the tactics placing microphones tapping phone lines without a court order and break ins what the bureau referred to as black bag jobs were simply illegal Hoover and Johnson had a personal connection for years..

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