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It's got a lot of flow. It's got a lot of power. And by the time it gets to two to three feet high. That's enough to float a vehicle. So you've got no chance of escaping by vehicle at that point, we bring it up to six feet and we're looking for large areas where it's going to be storm surge flooding of six feet in eastern parts of North Carolina. When it gets to that level, it is life threaten you've got no chance of being able to survive that. If you're out in that level of flooding, your pets have no chance of being able to survive that. And then we bring it up to nine feet high. Take a look at this. This is unbelievable. The only way that you could get out of this situation would be if you could vacuum vertically, if you could get to a second level somewhere, you might. You might have a chance to be able to survive this level of storm surge flooding. And this. Is what we are expecting along some parts of the coastline with this permitted storm. So please folks, if local officials tell you to get out, you got to get. I'm convinced. Today, the outer bands of the storm started rolling over the Carolina coast. This American flag was flying outside Cape fear, North Carolina this morning by midday. It had been ripped to shreds by the wind storm surge has already overtaken parts of north topsil beach, water gushing into people's homes and down the streets and Hatteras North Carolina. This walkway to the beach was completely swallowed up by waves. As you can see, this is the coastline and swans bro North Carolina shortly before sunset tonight. The waves just rolling right up to those homes. Look at this. This was new Bern, North Carolina around one thirty pm today, less than four hours later, it looked like this. Water completely overtaking that area. You see, big, big parts of that town are already completely underwater. This used to be a road storm chaser clocked the storm surge there to be around six feet. This was radio island, North Carolina, a little over an hour ago, just getting absolutely pummeled already. Tonight. There are more than one hundred thousand power outages across North Carolina, Duke Energy, the power provider. There is warning that there will likely be millions of people who lose power in that state in this storm before it's all over and they're warning. It may be weeks before they can bring power back over a million. People were under mandatory evacuations ahead of this. But by now, most of those evacuations should already have taken place governor of North Carolina. ROY Cooper says more than twelve thousand people are currently in shelters all across the state. He says they are still looking to open up more. These next few hours are critical for the areas in the direct path of this storm. It is the most intense phase of the hurricane as it gets closer to making landfall. We've got a live forecast straight ahead. We will be talking live also with the mayor of one of the biggest cities that is right in the storm's path to stay with us. Communities along the Carolina coast already feeling the effects of hurricane Florence tonight for the best overview of what's happening right now, what's going to happen over the next few crucial hours our joined now live by NBC news meteorologist Bill Cairns, Bill. Thank you very much for.

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