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Mm yeah investors highly recommended you don't feel better you thought what what is get through was edge thanks for being with us today all right other areas the market today us semiconductors with down finished up nicely nvidia some announcement up three mike rob which just reported earnings recently are up another dollar today so another decent day for the semis and to be blunt semis and financials semis and financials continue to watch them as leadership of the market they have not wavered the financials got in trouble held major supports and soon as yields on the long and started rallying yields up the financial started moving up on top of that recently the transports that were relatively weak had that a good one two three four five weeks some attributed the hurricanes who knows just let you know the small caps which are a week as all on a relative basis still overall but they even gone to new highs as a lotta small banks are involved in the smallcap indices the industrials that's the xl ally and whatever names were underneath broke out at sixty nine a half seventy one eighty so vera getting good recently i told you look like the airlines were turning up united airlines made some comments today up three bucks other airlines up decently today so it is spreading out a little bit this still forty percent of the market that's really on the crappy side forty percent of the market still on the crappy side so stick with the sixty maybe a little bit better than sixty right now we've been telling you the sector's now we head into earning season bunch of financials are going to be reporting this week a ton next week and the week after i am very interested in sink with overbought little frothy too much bullish conditions use the word extend that also how things reacts to numbers every day we will be reporting to you names moves reactions numbers guidance especially on the leaders the dow thirty the transports and any of the leading group that is out there your job do what we do is it you'll lie in the weeds you hang out you wait for the reports seen the.

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