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And then at some point that John just died is just like, you know, you can't do like kids kids in high school today are too sophisticated for that John. Well, here's another thing about it too. Though. This is like I said growing up in the eighties, right? Like, you would rent a TNA comedy or slasher with the hope that you would see some breasts because Greg couldn't just go online and look up, you know, porn sites or whatever if you saw breast in sleep wake camp to there's eight sets of Ted's in this thing. I believe we ever. So you wanna watch it more because it was your only chance if you're a teenager to see boobs. That's true. That's true. Boobs are much more available today than they were. There was playboy magazine, and you know, and hustler and a few ways, but but. But yeah, kids didn't have access to what they have access to today. Yeah. So we're some of the members of your drive in reviews or some of the most unique ones that you can remember. Well, I remember at the time at the time. I I started reviewing these movies like today people are crazy about I don't know how deep you are into har-. But but people are people are deep into talion horror allo, they call it. And at the time that those movies came out though in the early in the late seventies early eighties. We didn't know they were talion because they would double them into English. They would do stuff. Like, you know. I mean when you look back at at it today and watch the scene again you like, oh, yeah. Obviously that's not an American city, you know, but they would do things like put Kelloggs cornflakes on the kitchen table, just because those talian Rome. Yeah..

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