Afghanistan, Texas, San Antonio discussed on Mark Levin



A shell our top story we now know the names of the two American soldiers who were killed in Afghanistan yesterday and one is from Texas the department of defense's sergeant first class all of your good terrorists of San Antonio was killed along with sergeant first class and Tonio Rodriguez of Las Cruces New Mexico their deaths are blamed on an apparent insider attack a person wearing an Afghan uniform reportedly turned a machine gun on US troops during a joint operation both sergeants were assigned to Eglin Air Force base their ranks are due to posthumous promotion Republican congressman and former green beret Michael waltz joined fox and friends to discuss the incident all of these types of complex have to come to some type of political resolution I certainly share the president's frustration all of our frustration for how difficult this war it's been but we have to be very careful for just getting frustrated and saying we have to pull the troops out in spring everybody home and whatever happens happens because that half the world's terrorist organizations still exists there six US service members have been killed in Afghanistan so far this year the New York gunman opened fire in the forty first police district in the Bronx Sunday morning the shooter struck a lieutenant before emptying his clip on several more officers and a civilian employee in the free six scanner traffic captured the moment as lieutenant was transported to the hospital one point nine the gunman also intended to kill two more officers from the same precinct on Saturday night while they were sitting in a police vehicle new Yorkers on the street or reacting police officers get shot this number eight times in twelve hours what's going to happen on a subway system what's going to happen at a bus stop what's going to happen when you walk to the corner store we don't.

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