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Because I didn't know my husband was out of town, and that's a sign of pain. So that's when I took her to the vet. So then I was aware of it. So a couple of weeks ago on a Sunday night. Afternoon Barnes, it was acting weird. It was the Sunday before the eclipse, and we were laughing thinking, well, maybe it's the eclipse, maybe defects animals, you know, how storms they can tell something's happening. Who knows? But he came inside. He wouldn't come up the stairs. And then he was acting kind of weird, and he was limping a little bit. But he's very klutzy. And sometimes he just limps a little, and he's just he's he's an odd dog as we know. But we love him. And we brought up the stairs. And Shawn said something's not right with him. And he's doing that shivering thing. Like Kashmir did. And I said, Nope, that's pain. And it was about eight o'clock at night. So we finally said, that's it. We're taking to the vet. We took him up there. And they looked at him 'cause we've been afraid maybe he busted a knee or something, you know, you can tear need just like a human can. And the vet said looks like he's almost eleven or he's eleven now. It's arthritis is setting in looks like in the back, hips and the knees so they put him on anti inflammatories. And now, we have an appointment with our vet and a few weeks to see what's going to make sure that's what it is. But yeah. It was the shivering, and I would not have known that if not for Kashmir. But that is a big sign. It's the panting. It's the grimacing the drooling, and then that shivering intermittent shivering is what that pain sign was. Well, there is quite a lot of ways that you can figure out if your dog is in pain, and sometimes they're hard. Sometimes they the changes in behavior or you dogs are so good at covering their pain and showing that pain sometimes, you know, they're paying on for a long time before you even notice it. Well, and that's the would you mentioned behavior. That's right. Before the shivering started earlier in the day. He was acting weird. And he sometimes we'll go up and lay in my closet. He likes dark space, especially when the storms coming or something. But he got in the shower. I just taken a shower, and he went in the shower, and he hates the shower. And he wouldn't come out. Like, what are you doing standing in there? So he was exhibiting IB was just standing there. Panting looking at me and to get him out. I turn the shower on I got him out of the shower. And then he was just being really weird. So that was did you say there was a storm happening at that time knows the next day was the eclipse, but sometimes when there's a storm coming he'll go into the closet or he'll do something. But it was a beautiful day know the night before here. You know, great, of course. So so, okay, there's my friend. We swindle her. She's from the canine massage guilty, canine massage therapist. She she writes, there's thirty five subtle ways. Duke show, their muscular pain, one is gate change. So Gators the way adult moves and a dog will only change the way they will could move for a reason. So. Limping lameness hopping hopping throwing a leg GRA crabbing, which is elbowing out. So it might be very subtle. Don't see or suddenly, you might be able to see it and go. Okay. That don't is this something happened. Second thing is changing behaviors is. So you noted something very odd that bounced he did that he hadn't normally done, and they can become grumpy did you notice any more grumpiness anymore because has his issues. Was grumpy than usual. Yeah. And sometimes he tries to get cashmere to play, and he had no interest and same thing on the other side where when Kashmir before she got sick. He wanted to play with her and she would just sit and growl at him. Like get off me. I don't want. They can you know, don't feel good. Yeah. Exactly aggression as well. So I might not be their usual self. They might curl up just not wanted interact so adult that was really into interacting is now not not into that this post to change dogs back arching or concave. So that Dokan arch school reaching and concave is called sway back could be very subtle. And I know when jasmine has a stomach ache. Her back arches. Oh, she has a stomach ache. When she does that so coked flicks. Did you realize that what probably the subtlest symptom of Maceda painful happens often form in the dog's coat which mirror the shape of the muscle underneath. So it makes perfect sense. Because when a muscle is injured and unable to perform correctly, it creates a pull on the skin above it. The hairs of the Cote grow from the skin at the muscles, very tight. He has made Hibbitt blood flow to the skin causing circulation. So the coat can often become dry and course, in a certain area of the Dokes, buddy. So if you look at your coat, or if you go to swell here or there of a dry patch here, or there might not be paying. But if it's something that you see that's just come on. That is different get to know your dog's coat, and what way it lies, and if you see a swirl these see it standing up somewhere, then be aware of it. Now with Sadie, for example. I know when sometimes she's whether pain. Is because sometimes at the base of tail the hair will suddenly stick up. I know that I need to message that area a little bit because she's feeding pain in that area. I also noticed different coats swells along her in her coat at various points, especially right, her hips. And I know she's having a particularly difficult day also dry hair that kind of thing. So look, and then, of course, it dislike being groomed. So if you had dogs that didn't like to be touched or anything like that. Now that could be because they're paying or the sensitive it tickles when you touch them. But if you've had a dog that's been fine with grooming. And now all of a sudden, isn't that sit don't force it, please don't force. It don't think all the Dokes trying to be dominant over the dog's trying to be stopping don't force it that ducks trying to tell you something. So that not wanting to be touched not wanting to be groomed is a sign of it. So that's just five ways. And then, you know, pain Dokes start to maybe salivated little bit shaken Shiva. Like you. So it's at intermittent shutt-. Yeah. Then Osas on I notice when I took Sadie sometimes, and I just even touch she does little flinch not with a head, but just didn't her skin. So that I realized that that's very sensitive area. So then I'll go again, and I'll touch again. And then and then she seems to be fine with it. But we really got to recognize not just the major changes you can see. But also this subtle changes dogs in pain. Right. I agree because you know, the whole thing is with Kashmir win her. Seek them knew. There was a problem in something had happened. But we weren't one hundred percent. Sure. I didn't know it was just something. But had I missed signs beforehand that something was happening. Did it just happened that day? I wish I would've known because I would have gotten a right to the emergency vet that she ended up going to as opposed to you know, we took her to a different vet. And you know, so it does it's just a lot of money to and a lot of time. So well, she's great. She's got a great. You know, you a great guardians for her. I mean, she couldn't be in a better place. Really could she thank you? Well, hopefully, not at least she's eating. Well, there's that. We'll be right back right after these messages. Stay tuned..

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