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Breath stinks. Yes, I mean, you were, you know 808 for 892 to 2 and then Brian, Of course, Mongol, Luc's old man, Mangal oot. Walk in the streets complaining about smelling what red paint or some What did you say this? Oh, yeah, So like last week, they were repainting the bus lanes on Second Avenue, and they were sent literally sanding the roads and it was painted. So I was. You're sanding it getting hot and you're breathing these toxic fumes in your mask and God forbid you take your mask off in the bus. People give you you know, you know the evil eye. It is hard, so give you them alike. Look, right. Exactly. So now you know, now they're saying the road down and they're repainting and it was just the smell was unbearable And you're staying out there waiting for the bus. Then you get on the bus try to get a breather. And you can take your mask off. Yeah, I mean, it's rough Look wearing masks is not fun. I can't wait till this is over. Hopefully it will be over soon. But I mean, I have to tell you why I take the stairs up as much as I possibly can. You know, one about the the subway, the train stations and so forth and I get to the top, especially in those double staircase ones, ones. You know where it's really, really, really steep and I've got my mask on and I'm gonna get to the top of like, there's no way that this could be okay. There's no way that this could be healthy for me. I've got to be breathing in some crazy stuff. I agree with you. You really opened up my eyes. You know, Like I say, I was just bringing up a conversation by the big galoot. You bring up a good point Like you're a new dad. You and your lovely wife. What Madison is what? Seven weeks old? Seven weeks? Seven weeks old. Are you going out? You know, especially with now with walks and getting hurt the baby out. Yeah. Would so we're doing walk? Are you concerned that no, really with breathing in and stuff now with I mean, To be honest, I mean, I'm going to work every day. My wife is taking her for a walk every day. So you kind of got to get get out there you have doing yourself. Amu is not taking her to Newark to the things that are right in the nose. So she does that every day, But you can't think you know what a nice park It isn't safe. I mean, I know Carl Shire's Yeah. Oh, yeah. I mean, sometimes there's you know, things going on over there. I mean, you got you got, I think. Just take it. Take it day by day. No, just I agree with you. I'm not saying you should. I think you should. But you know, there are people also I mean, I'm a big believer. Kids get sick if they're locked in and they don't get. I mean, I got to get out. The kids have got to you got to get out. People have to get out. Let's go to Marien in New York, A Marianne Hey. Hi. How are you? Good. Good comment. I'm sorry. I don't know you co host named. It's Russ. It's right time, but I think he could have crossed the stream. Mary Ann Mary Ann, you're missing the point. It's not a question of I could have crossed the street. I was walking on the street that I was going into the place. The point is It's smoke. It doesn't matter if it's me or somebody else. What is everybody gonna walk it? You totally missing the point. And actually, I do get that I do get that. But my, you know, we just can't take everything and I don't smoke. Okay, okay. More importantly, I think when Juliette said, our politicians, I'm very discouraged, could have politicians. I'm not getting rid done. Lots of I think more important things to me and a lot of people. They're just not doing it. Oh, yeah. I mean, you're preaching to the choir. Marianne. You know if you listen to this show, it's driving us. Yeah. I mean, it's just for me. It's both sides. I look. You know, you guys know that I'm not the trump fanatic at all. But I laid in the lap of both sides. Both sides are complicity. You know, both sides are Marianne. So you said you're not a smoker, but try admit it, though, Because we've talked about this The next time you walk through smoke, you're going to go away in a minute. Hold on a second. Somebody blew this out. Okay. Contest years and years ago. I.

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