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Okay if you could live anywhere in the world for a year, I'd probably. Thailand Vietnam, those are two parts of the world where the cuisines are unbelievable to me. The food is outrageous and from what I know of the people would be great too and listen I might do that anyway for a while I had this list completely uninformed of men and professions you should not date and I have not dated that much I. Think I've been out on three dates and then I just I get married. But the list went as follows magician musician. What do you have against magicians this and we spent a long time going through all of this. Right. All right I just wanted to tell you number four is chef. A clown isn't in the top three. Well, clowns autumn blend to the magician. Okay. Okay. Okay. Well, listen I. Think your list is completely accurate. Thank you. So I was so thrilled you were coming on the show I thought Oh this will be great territory for David because my theories dating chef we're not unlike potential red flags for an athlete with a professional athlete it felt like he like the emotional support you must give after every game with one degree or another would just exhausts me personally and then my assumption with a chef only having watched hell's kitchen. Is that I bet the food will be amazing. That would be a real perk but it cultivate a degree of temperament that I'm not sure I could handle. Then I listened to your book and I was like can't fucking ask David Chang about his anger issues in a humorous way because she can she can. Listen I can't speak on behalf of all chefs but there's two people I tell the opposite sex or the same sex never date don't data Korean guy and never data chef. An actress. Right and my wife got both the Christian guy and the chef, the double-whammy and I'm just a harness of a person and I have been. So you're right chefs have for the most part if you're a private chef or you don't have some kind of corporate working. GIG. Your hours are horrible even if you have Monday to Friday, you're probably not coming home till one in the morning to in the morning and the other thing is people think that my wife or even the people have died in the past they eat extremely well, I never cooked at home ever. I act at home on occasion. And It's your job. Why would you want to do that and that's the funny thing. The last thing you ever want to do after spending all day kitchen is to spend more time in the kitchen. So you know my wife literally thought that I was a fraud because I never cooked for for like.

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