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NBC News radio correspondent Rory O. Neill will give us an update on the latest search for victims of the cause of that high rise condo in Surfside, Florida from last week. Hard to believe tomorrow. Tomorrow will be seven days already a week. Uh, And after that 8 20. How about a road trip to Cleveland next year to see Elton John and you never know. Could be one of the last times. You see you just you never know. So that will be a lot of fun. So 8 20 you get that opportunity and then Senator Stephanie Coontz see who is running for the congressional 15th district. Steve's divers old District, uh and she will be with us talking about the anti hazing bill that's about to be sent Collins law. And, of course, her run for the 15th district. Very competitive run that will take place I in August so hard to believe. That's just a month from now that will be at 8 35. There's a lot of things to sort through. This morning. You've got a lot of things locally here. The Delaware County Sheriff's identifying that body in a storage container. Earlier this week, investigators had to use fingerprints to identify a 37 year old Timothy Markham of Columbus. Final autopsy is going to take place a little bit later. Yeah. This is sad, but I think we are on our 98 homicide right now. One more person has now died this morning after shots fired in west Columbus around 4 30 this up This morning off of a self Sullivan Avenue, police said. One person was found lying outside in the parking lot of convenience store with gunshot wounds. They were pronounced dead at 4 27. And Governor Mike DeWine, signing a deal pouring federal covid relieved money into the State House Bill 1 68 putting $22 billion into programs across Ohio. This also brings us back out into the black out of debt with some of those programs to And you know, it's the fourth of July this weekend, and I know tomorrow and Friday will be very busy days for travel. In fact, Triple A says that 47 million Americans will be heading anywhere. 50 miles or more by Plane mainly by road, so watch those gas prices probably expected to go up a little bit. At least over two million Ohioans will be on the road to, they said. The busiest times will be tomorrow on Friday, getting out of town between three and six. Those are going to be your windows. Uh, tomorrow and then Friday afternoon. I want to get to something with the fourth of July. You know, it's got a lot of different meanings, but it comes down to one common meeting Independence Day in the US It's the annual celebration if you will of nationhood Commemorating the passage of the Declaration of Independence by the Continental Congress back in July, 4th of 17 76. Now I consider myself a patriot, a lover of this country, all things with the flag and all of its, um Pageantry with the Star Spangled Banner. And any chance you get to say, God bless America feels good. I love it. I don't take well to seeing those who are in another country like US athlete Gwen Berry, who decided to stand on a podium or not so much stand, putting a shirt over her head. I don't find that appropriate or patriotic at all to go to a foreign country when you're supposed to be representing America. Yesterday on the view, Meghan McCain Talked about this and it's It's a couple of minutes, but I think it's extremely powerful with what she said. Check it out. I think in regards to the athlete protesting I've spent the last year and a half hearing every argument possible and understanding why athletes protests in the United States of America like Colin Kaepernick? The problem I have is this woman is doing this internationally. And if anyone just saw Vladimir Putin's recent speech when he met with President Biden, he's using the propaganda that America is an irredeemable crap hole against us saying You think your country is so great over there. Look at BLM Look at everything that's happening in your country. You don't even treat your people correctly at the same time, where he's literally imprisoning people, and we're having our enemies and propaganda dictators using our own propaganda against us, which in turn turns into a real national security rest. My other problem with this is I don't understand why we all can't have shared experiences in this space or have our own stories because for some reason, my relationship with the flag isn't allowed anymore. My love of the American flag, My love of the national Anthem and I know that it's very triggering for people and people get very upset when I talk about my dad for whatever reason, which is why I really stopped doing it on the show, unless it's really meaningful to me. But when I was growing up every year on Christmas, he would tell me a story about when he was in prison being tortured, and his cell mate, a man named Mike Christian, had sown the American flag using scraps of material he found in prison. Into his prison garden Every morning. They would say this the pledge of allegiance to what was sewn into his prison garb. One day, the Vietnamese captors found that and beat the living crap out of my Christian to the point that his eyes and his body was so badly injured that he could barely move and the second that he was able to move again. Do you want to know the first thing my Christian started doing? He started reselling the American flag into his prison garb. So his cell mates could say the pledge of Allegiance and remember what they were doing and what they were fighting for in prison for America. So excuse me. If I don't think some of these athletes are representing America in the same way, and for some of us, I will die for this. I will die on this hill that is not appropriate or patriotic to go to a foreign country where you're supposed to be representing America and act like it's just about you. It's not about you. It's about all of us. How powerful is that? How powerful is that? So excuse me. If I don't think some of these athletes are representing America in the same way, I will die in this hill that is not appropriate or patriotic to go to a foreign country or you're supposed to be representing America. And act like it's just about you. It's not about you. It's about all of us. After all, That's why they call it the United States of America. 8 13 Well, said Meghan McCain. We're just a couple of, uh minutes away here from Royal Neil from NBC news radio. Get an update on the South Florida Uh, condo collapse and I want to get to this because we didn't yesterday inside Edition. Had a interview with Carol Baskets. Tiger King fame. Ripping on our beloved treasure. Jack Hanna in a new documentary, the Conservation game. Check it out. There's so many people that loved Jack Anna, and he was Kind of this goofy guy that talked about conservation and about saving animals. After telling you all these people on TV that these animals were going to the Columbus Sue, or that they were going to a wonderful sanctuary. But he doesn't know and apparently didn't even care where these animals ended up. This is going to show that all of these folk conservationists that we grew up loving and believing we're doing good things for animals. They were trading in these animals at auctions. They were sending these animals too horrible, horrible places, or they were just up and disappearing altogether after they had been used on the talk shows. Utterly stupid. Just utterly. Yes, I'm absolutely offended. Not just because I've had the opportunity to work with Jack Hanna, but the amount of endless hours over Jack Hanna's career. And millions and millions of dollars.

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