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Hello joyful jovan gestures jonesing for jab iraqi and gigli puffs you're listening good job rain your weekly quiz show in upbeat trivia podcast this episode two hundred one and of course i'm your humble owes karen and we are your not to be duped coupe of loopy snoops who boop the snoot and drink gooky soup i'm calling i'm dana and i'm chris these us all make sense but now just like what sounds funny i was like we do this new so one thing guys that i recently now have access to is netflix yeah no there's movies have you heard of net flicks am i saying that right sometimes you like to chill i didn't have a for like a year very spartan existence there and so your shotgun shack pilot blanket being so now that i have access to netflix again i was like wow no only of the movies but like as an adult i'm so more drawn to like non fictional documentary styles shown and netflix has tons tons yeah here there's a stray lya ones there's like british ones and i think as a kid when you watch like say the oscars they always have the best short form documentary award or the best documentary i was like how do you even watch those movies like where do you go to watch those stuff and now it's like netflix just has all of these and i just watched so many of them like food is my preferred documentary and chef whereas mine is about murders.

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