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Objectively say, it's something your favorite in the San Francisco for nine you saying damn all them other people. I want them to San Francisco. That's what you say. It's not my choice that's up to Kevin Lynch and also John Lynch. I mean, I mean John Shanahan. In cal- Shanahan that's up to those guys. Stephen a Smith. You know what I'm saying? But I'm just delivering the message got it. You see what I'm saying? And we would love to have him in San Francisco. I got to be honest with you, man, because the way where are you living these days, I'll I'm seeing northern California, man. Yeah. We need hang out sometime. You know what? This. California. I live half Hennessy on rocks. Yeah. I know you like him see and coke and stuff. I did we can chill man. You know, what it is is damn cold? What you're talking about where you told me about coding or the California. I'll be damned if it ain't look I had to go through Chicago one year for championship game. And it was like in the teens. You gonna tell me you Fairweather. Like that man. When I hit a words, California. I'm thinking warm sunshine palm trees, if I don't hear that associated with California. I have no use Ford. That's me. Todo? Was a tough guy, man. Cold weather hail. No, i'm. Admit it. Appreciate you. My man. I'm proud of you as always always good to talk to you hear from you all the best to you. Okay. Man. I love you, man. You all time. Yeah. All right. My men play the one and only Jerry Rice the greatest wide receiver in the history of the National Football League right here with Steven A, ESPN radio ESPN news. I really don't understand what the hell say right now, you're not willing to admit that you just have a personal affinity for the San Francisco forty nine. Why the hell would you suggest that Antonio Brown needs to be there? I got a state this for the record. I'm before I get back to porzingas. I'm really sick and tired of this. Love porn star. Jimmy gets. That's right. Jimmy Garoppolo this right? Porn star. Jimmy. That's what I called him. And you know, let me give an inside joke because as Mickey Mouse, you know, ESPN is Walt Disney's, you know, they own us. Oh, just as Mickey Mouse. And everybody's always in an up rule. You know, my producer just, you know, just do my producer right over there. Jonathan went to one of the wildest, dude, you wanna meet in my life and your life, but I'll say porn star Jimmy and his face cringes. Ooh. You know, Tim with it. The producers back in Bristol, Connecticut, New York, cal- LA, everyday do excuse me. Jimmy Garoppolo without with a pool and star in Hollywood knowing that the pup rot season the cameras everybody was there. He knew that. And he went out there any with what opponents now, I'm night. I I don't have a problem with that to each is. Oh, but what I'm trying to say is that we didn't hesitate to say he was out would have poured saw. So what's wrong with me? Calling them porn star. Jimmy. What's wrong with that? I'm not changing that it's going to change it. It's going to be executive orders from the top. Because guess what? It's accurate if you go out with a porn star before you're damned pass for particular season. Anyway, all right. And you're more recognized for that date. Then you off any damn touchdown passes your through in the season because it got hurt game too. Whatever the reason why you relevant is that your point start Jimmy. I don't see the problem that I'm not and by the way, so the two Jimmy Garoppolo and the family of Jimmy Garoppolo in his not an insult you understand to each his own young single men good-looking do can quarterback protege working behind Tom Brady, clearly has some skills. Bill Belichick wanted to keep you you were seven and knowing your I seven starts as a quarterback haven't been able to say healthy got hurt. A New England got her when you got to San Francisco after you got one hundred thirty seven million, by the way, by the way, he went out with the point. So after you've got one hundred million dollar contract four. So it wasn't like she was out with porn star Jimmy before he got paid. But that's neat. The point is it happened. And that's okay..

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