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Upset by that because they've been racing like it for ages and they don't see the issue. So I think it's a case is a case of, for me, it keeps feeling weird and it's one of those parts of Formula One that I just really do detest, but I also don't understand what the potential alternative solution is. But it's the fact that every day we rock up to track and there's a different appendix being added for clarity. So but today we were still talking about or do wedding rings? Kevin Magnussen said, I will sign a liability waiver. It's my wedding ring. It means a lot to me if I'm going to go out anyway. Like if you're talking about the point of I'm on fire and I'm burning, if I'm going out, I'm going out with my wedding ring on, right? Because that's my bond with my wife. And if I'm in a serious accident, I want that wedding ring on. And it's absolutely and Pierre gasly spoke about the fact that he has, he wears something for religious reasons. And that for him is very important because he feels like he has protection in the car. But I guess the point is, yeah, they could also sign waivers, which would cover them legally, but are you telling me for one instance that if a driver suffers injury during an accident and it's because of a piece of jewelry, not that the point is that we hopefully would never, ever have to find out. But I think the problem is, is that the FIA, as the keepers of safety, would still be at the center of the fact that it's not safe. So regardless of if the driver's sign waivers and legally sway the that they say, well, they say that they'll take it on themselves. There's no way in any world ever that the FI would not be at the center of that shitstorm, basically. So I think it's a bit of a, I understand why the drivers are frustrated, but I also understand why the FIA are clamping down. And I think the point is is that neither party is doing it in a very constructive manner. And that's why we're still here talking about it because it's the conflict between the two parties that's of interest, not actually necessarily the subject itself. And that's what we find interesting. And they're discussing it via the media because you get a press conference and. Let's be playing about it because Lewis has got a lot of such a dander on him. He is naturally become the source of the center of the whole thing. And the British media, of course, generally, certainly fleet street, as was thrive on any Lewis centric news. So it's developed its own momentum. And yet there's a touch of the Jerry Springer show starting where people conduct the argument through the medium while on stage instead of just nipping backstage and sorting it out. I mean, I'm totally here for Lewis Hamilton rocking up wearing three watches and Sebastian Vettel wearing his underpants on the outside of his race suit. I think I saw it was Alanis king tweeted about the fact that she's completely here for the drivers that have won multiple world championships between them and they're just kind of going, what are you going to do about it if we do this? And as much as it's a bit disruptive and does distract away from what it is that we're actually trying to do here, which is go motor racing. It does provide a little bit of color to everything that we're doing. And the attitudes and the protests are great. And it does cause conversation, right? We're here talking about why is this? Why hasn't it been enforced? How should it be of force? What are the rules around this? So it's an interesting discussion point, but I do hope it does go away at some point. Okay. Hey, let's talk about Bottas, should we? Yeah, good race until he spent too much time looking in his rearview mirror. He is, he's having a great year this year, whether it is his, the things that he's posting online, his personal life, his work life now. He is, he seems completely in the zone. He's qualifying really well and the Internet loves that when he qualifies ahead of the Mercedes and apart from, yes, a slip up today. He would have, he was on for a higher finish. What is it? Is it about him? Is it about the car? Is it the team? Is it the atmosphere? Why is he racing so well this year? He's a driver made for a midfield team..

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