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It But i mean be stuff. I don't know about tom's bought. But i've had a few looks. The is the concent- stuff. And and i think the wasn't much now. I could be very wrong with louis. But this just from my understanding of looking at it and and i do look at things very closely when it comes to Any anyone acetate because you got so much to learn from other people you know as i noticed has bike with sit up like a low a tank which was i think was based around his flew. hit obviously a lot of light applied pots. He'd lost a lot of weight Which is things didn't notice any sort of tree changes in the bike as well as the was you know those comfortable pots and stuff. But i think the main difference between Probably mine was built in my workshop and must've stuff you could potentially by tons will have manufactured down that way but i think that that that the similar in the sense that both highly modified but i think they're designed for two different things fickle faecal. How much do you the white savings when you're riding light. What what is it. Is it eighty nine. And a half what i read the other day. Yes eight nine point. Five kilos we re rod people asking for jar dry right a dry white. I've no idea why you want to know. Draw away for because you dry. It means nothing and the the the balance on the bike was nearly bang on fifty percent front and ria. So that took me took me quite a bit take. She negotiate getting that spot on which helps a lot but yet point. Five weet Luck i see like aeneas stock bought which is about one hundred kilos are ninety nine kilos. Which but it's got geometry. China's net rods very well so when we when people talk about white savings at really really depends you could save twenty kilos on a but you could save that in the wrong position in. That doesn't change performance a heck of a lot. It's nice and easy to put on the stand but at some. Yeah so it just really depends we. The white has waltzes fraught wheel at fromm as unsparing as sprang way And as a as a within your motor as reducing drag on the motor that sorts of stuff like that so that's a bit lost but Do not it's the white and my black law. f- was within sudanese areas. Changing i two or three hundred grams. I could feel it. I'm doing what so flattens. Times when i was building that because obviously i'd build and abroad not vote at ride sought I was doing one thing at a time front to reeb middle bit. Whatever if i'd lost much white on the front versus.

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