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Ca slash. Ai h It happened so suddenly one ago today. Residents of leading british columbia and the surrounding area were forced to flee their homes. Firewood ended up devastating. The village leaving ruined houses and acres charred ground. Janet webster is the chief of the lytton first nation which had dozens of members living in town and about nine hundred living nearby on reserve this afternoon. She was asked whether people were getting adequate. Government support including mental health support with people spread out alerts. Really hard i know. The first nation health authority has been helped bring mental house to the different various locations. I'm not sure of all. The people are taking that support. Because i'm still hearing that people are under a lot of stress. They don't know what to they have no home to go to somewhere. Traumatized running through the town was a fire on the the fire running through town and trying to get out and so there is a lot of trauma. And i can't tell you if they're really getting the support because like i said they're so spread out all over your i remember the the conversations when people i had to flee there. Were so many question marks about what's left of our town. Is my house still there. Are you know grocery stores still there. So you were able to tour. The area You know there were helicopter tours. There some car tours through their kim. Can you take us back to that moment. Just what was going through your mind as you saw the site for the first time after the fire. This very emotional time for me to see. I went to boston to get on a helicopter to go oversee. The community of lytton first nation reserves were burnt today. The buyers are still burning. We in our back of our bali about fifteen kilometers out. We still have fire in our mirror. Leaks potanin pacifico and another area that they call lookout Were hunters goal are gathering of our foods of its. They're still fired today. In a damage it was very emotional sight to see. Our people's homes burnt our community. Burn down to nothing. Nothing really there and soda so emotional. They also took me on a tour to my area where i live about nine ten miles or return on a little over we. The fire got there from onto mile are four-mile to nine mile in on what it couldn't took the homes to but thanks to the firefighters they were able to save a homeless except one Home near seven mile. That was chief. Janet webster of the lytton first nation. Speaking with the cbs's gloria makarenko one month after fire devastated the bc community of lytton..

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