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Test he was just three dimensional in every way every phase of the game especially coming down the stretch i think lebron in this year's playoff run i thought he has done a much better job than he has in years past at being finisher well the answer to that would be as he has to because the because you know pippen is a top fifty plus of all time you know other than dwayne wade in his entire career who says he had in that regard i know bosch you know the the way the game the way the game is played you know the the game is a different game today i would love to have seen lebron play in our area but i would also love to see jordan plan this year because jordan wasn't a three point shooter jordan wasn't a shooter per se he was a score so it would be fun to really see how they would play the different style that you know if i put jordan in this air no handshake i mean the guy average thirty seven points a night with hand checking what would that translate into today's game where you can't touch them and but then i would love to see lebron with this physicality that he has because he physically i mean he's just an imposing figure i will love to have seen him play against those physical have somebody with an arm bar would've loved to seen how he would have played against the charles oakley's and the rick mahorn and the buck williams and the physicality of the game so it would been fun to play but without question i wanna say this about both the brian james is this generation's best player and i think jordan was clearly that generations best player now who's the best i think i'm bias i would say michael jordan just because mentally what he was able to do and i.

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