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And I'm really, really inspired by the energy there. People were just so excited to see these projects. Disney is a very wholesome brand in general compared to a lot of Disney magic, maybe? Yeah, so it was just overly positive, even like the celebrities on stage were just so loving and so caring and has so many great messages. So if there's anything you're curious about that, it was at D 23. I encourage you to go look up videos because it was a lot of great information and it's impossible to cover all of it and one place. I have to give a shout out to your amazing outfit that you were wearing. Thank you. My God, woman. You embodied brilliant 90s sexiness. I was going for that. Wait, would you be talking about? I just saw the day of the showcase. You had these bright ass patterns, something, something on, girl. Yeah, that was my Nickelodeon shirt. That's it. Oh my God. So good. So good. Awesome. Well, thank you so much for popping in, even though you're technically out of town on the show this week we, of course, if you guys are listening to the show I've already heard, we've got Janet Garcia on the show with us and we look forward to getting an update on how everything went on the book tour when you get back. Well, it was super fun to get to talk to read about all of that. I wish I could have been there, but someone had to keep this baby alive. Tough job. Brutal. It is brutal. Actually, I watched it on the interwebs. You got one tweet out. I did. One, exactly. One tweet about the illusion island and that was it. That was good. That was a worthy title worthy of a tweet. Thank you. I appreciate that. Now, let's continue on with the rest of the show. Normally, after a big new segment like this, we would take a nice break and then come back and talk about what we've been playing, but it's been a busy week. So we're actually not going to do that. But as I alluded to, Brittany, you're going to be playing some stuff. Crisis quarter Final Fantasy 7 reunion, I get to play that. I get to talk about it. I'm so excited, Zach fair. Have you played that game? No. Have you eaten? I mean, you know, you know I'm very confused about everything squares doing with Final Fantasy right now. Oh man, no, yeah, I'm gonna be able to talk about that next week. I've been playing star ocean, the divine force, writing quest treasures. These are some Brit ask games, and I'm just very, very excited to talk about all of those in depth next week when I'm back on the show because you know it's just the timing of everything. I can talk about it this week. That's fine. Don't worry about it. I'll have lunch. But Janet, thank you so much for coming by the show, what an excellent week to have you on. And as we mentioned at the top of the show, you're doing lots of stuff. So where is the best place for people to keep up with you and all the things you're doing? Yeah, you can follow me on Twitter dot com, my handle is at game honesty. That's game oh and why SUS and that's my handle across everything. Instagram, TikTok, Twitch, YouTube, every single place on the Internet. That's the handle. If there's a place in the Internet that you go to, that doesn't have my handle, it isn't creepy. Let me know. And maybe I'll sign up. But you know what I mean? Don't be weird. Don't make it weird. Don't make it weird. Oh, we have a platform. For all my content, but yeah. Yes. And I want to give a shout out to all of our end of podcast listeners. Oh, yeah. So many of you tweeted to me because I asked you at the end of last week's episode. I said, who are the die hards that are making it to the end of each episode? Yeah, a lot. Let me know. So thank you to everybody. I think I responded to almost everyone. I think there's maybe a one or two of you that maybe substitute the cracks in for that. I sincerely apologize. But I was warmed by how many of you were like, Avi, we make it to the end of the episode. Were the die hard. So thank you for the support, as always, like hearing from you guys, you know, makes us feel really good and reminds

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