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Tell holy fucking trending shit. Oh no, not the bees, and they're like give it to make fun of our movie. That's the only reason why it's not. It's not citizen Kane. We got a little show them. We'll just take that out. Thanks for telling us how to get stronger. You rubes. Now we're the best movie ever don't come on, don't take the no, not the bees out. That's that's both shit. Same. Same thing with the battlefield earth is about to shit. Man. There was a lot shrive and I saw that movie in the theater. It was us in the front row and a lot of partying. The batch strange strangely identical group of people in white polo shirts on the back that were, they weren't away polo shirts. They were. They really dressed like civilians, but it was like having a lot of over the opening credits, you realize what's happening. We're the only three people in this movie and the back to rose are the church of Scientology. We've been assigned to come see this movie and they're like, because we picked up on it after a while because like like John Travolta woods as and we'd laugh the three of us are. Silence of the back and then and then John Travolta would say something that they'd laugh and we're like, well, but it was funny. Actor making a joke. I agree with that, but. Oh, got it. All right. When when when is it based on the book by L Ron Hubbard and they were all applauding in the back, we were like, ooh, but and then in that movie, there were like there was so much more. It was. There was a bunch of crazy shit. We watched it and we're telling everybody about it because we're no hashtags back. Then we were just going to go and hash take each person. Had to say hashtag. Paul hash take Mary hashtag, Sebastian, you had to every single prisoner. Did this text them Billy, hey, here's a thing I'd like to be talking about. What. And we, yeah, but there were like SIA. DVD at least. Same with the bees, you can only see the scene. What did what did Travolta say he? He was like, you said you, you wouldn't make it appear. And it did appear whatever. I don't know. I can't. I can't remember. I don't wanna I, it won't work. We're the Scientologists just enjoying the film or was their job to make the film seem better reacted to an audience than actually was. I don't think they thought it through passed, like, let's just make sure there's always at least two rows of Scientology. Yeah, that's what I mean. Yeah. And so that's amazing. And then two rows of people began, then they didn't. They didn't have like a flow chart stopped there like like they, it wasn't like if you're the only two rows, right? Maybe leave. Don't don't laugh at every joke because it'll seem weird to everyone, but you like also, please don't sneak out of the church of Scientology in this movie. Don't take this opportunity just because it's our monitoring. Door, you want, you will report back to your bus and into your crowd chamber. The. B.'s we're an important part of the wicker man. That's it. That's all I want to say. The best part of the bees thing is when he goes, what's that. What is that. And I said Cody the clip, I'm like, this is what you MRs I made you watch the entire winter in because this was supposed to be in there and it didn't happen here. It is. I sent her the YouTube like after the after the credits were like, we're curb. Looker, crew pictures politic share. It's not something you rock it to the twigs and this spiraling rabbit culture paganistic. And then Cody was like. Why thought it was such a bad movie? It was really cool. She really dug it. I was like, well, you got to be seen. It's so fucked up. Yeah, I guess if you would add that that would be a silly movie, but that movie that you watched the edited the vanilla version you called. It was great. That was really. That was good..

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