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And it's like all the other eating would leprosy have they left Out in the water. This is really funny. Actually good kayakers. They're just not fast. Never catch trait traces. Focus though I can't even see her. I like how you could see the scale of kingdom here like how big it is at school. Yeah now tiny narrow. This is weird. Because they like bust into this montage and your. It's kind of out of nowhere. In the first time I watched through this I was like what is going on here. Like I don't understand like did they finally catch up to her or no. It's like they didn't even make this was all in. Tracy's head wonder where she could be. She's been taking. Hey wait what if something awful you see now. He goes now he. He imagined that whole wonderful montage. Now you imagining Garretta's coming in trashing. Everybody no I think they found. They found her and they were able to help out in their own way. That's what they were showing. And then this is there the way back or something like this was still there other kept up with her they how to paddle fast like what was. Gigli doing at the bottom of the ocean so random. There's no explanation enjoy pokemon now want nothing makes sense lyster Cole. But the current must have carried us away from our Kayak. How did you know there was sick? Cloister THE COW. Someone called her from the bottom line. Shut down and see nothing in. This episode is making sense giant Magic Carter either. Bathing suit's just happen to have. I don't even want to get into. And where's misty? Why did she come on? She didn't bring her bathing suit but she's a water trainer. She's always intervening guess. You're thermometer underwater so good. I Like I love this. Dugong peeking into now. Sure dedicated to helping. I'm so thirsty. Ashes like Oh yeah oxygen. Oh Yeah we need to breathe. Dugongs get ash. Do do about to be a murderer. Hey Hey hey guess who it is. It's it's Dude Dude.

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